Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Variety

Yes, a weekend of fun was had at the River's Edge Music Fest. Who knew? Ok, I knew, it's music so how can it not be run right? Pictures, yeah I didn't take too many. I have some scenic ones but nothing too great. I'll have to share some later cause I have yet to download them from my camera.  

What I did learn however is that Bud Lite Lime a Rita is not so great. Not from a can anyways. Maybe over some ice it would be passable but I prefer the real margaritas and blended:-)  Also, May Flies are nuts!! Tis the season so when the sun goes down & the lights come on they are a swarming. It's so weird to me that they come out for one night of glory and then die. The ones I had to make my way through picked a good, scenic spot at least for their demise. 

I didn't make lists as I thought I might while listening to music. There was lots of walking though, back and forth between stages and just to do something so we weren't sitting or standing in the same spot all day long. It was great weather for both days, only a little sprinkle on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful! What I did realize is that I needed to start paying closer to my tight budget and my ever tightening pants! 

Again, I realize how it's just so crazy to me that you think you aren't ever going back and slowly you find yourself doing just that. It makes you gain a whole new respect for those that have such a hard time with so many addictions in life and actually conquer them enough to keep them at bay. At this point I just need to do something before it's time to start breaking out the one size bigger pants that I do still have lying around since I have yet to fill that donation bag for drop off. I don't want to revert that far back so I need to do something cause the pants I'm in now are beginning to feel a little too tight for comfort.

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Betty WSch. said...

Ok girl, you know what to do. You can't let the weight come back on. But I DO know how you feel. It was and still is super hard to keep this weight and to try to lose more. Try to maintain until you get your mojo back.

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