Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend of Musical Fun!

I'm a little excited about this weekend. One because the weather has been nice for the last 2 days (not too hot, yet beautiful and sunny) and two because I have the River's Edge Music Fest that I'll be hanging out at!  It's a weekend of music galore from 1 pm to 11 pm on Sat and Sun. They say there is supposed to be rain on Sat but I'm hoping they are wrong, or that it's light at least cause the act I really want to see that day is the Scissor Sisters! At least they will be on later in the evening, around 7, so here's to hoping it works out weather wise:-) There is also QuietDrive, Sublime & Tool that I want to check out that day for sure. Sunday's schedule has a lot more bands I haven't really heard of but Dave Matthews is at 7 and him I'd like to see and probably the Flaming Lips at 5:30... those 2 for sure:-) 

Needless to say there won't be blogging happening on the weekend then to keep up with my daily entries but I'm hoping to get some good pictures that I can share later cause I do love to take photos. I finally found a charger for my real camera so that I don't have to try to use the iPhone camera, which isn't always the greatest for night time or far away scenes. 

It also means there won't be much planning going on for getting back in gear on the healthy eating but... I will be bringing a note pad and pen so that I can pen some ideas or lists during those times where we are just relaxing and listening to the tunes:-) 

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