Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something's Rotten in the Garden of Eden

Hi, my name is Melanie and I have a iPhone addiction. I'm sure it would be the same with any Smartphone really but mine is a iPhone so I'm sticking to it:-) I often find myself wondering what we ever did or how we survived without them and then I realize... um, obviously we made it through just fine cause here I am to experience it now after all. It's funny to me cause I've been going to these free movie screenings and they often say you can't bring in your phones. I think they are afraid that you will tape things or whatever but I think.... "What if I have an emergency??", "How will I spend the 30-45 minutes waiting??" (cause the seating is based on first come first serve until they are full). Well, there are still these things called "pay phones", however scarce they really do seem, and God forbid I should talk to my fellow man, boyfriend or make some new friends!  LOL!!

Yeah, I love my iPhone and I do have an addiction. I especially love the apps!! You can learn from them so that's great right? Just the other day I discovered the Foursquare app.... OK not really 'just discovered' it's more like I decided to give it another try cause I didn't seem to like it originally but now it's kinda fun. Anyways, I was checking in at a certain location and one of the tips someone left was that it would be much more peaceful if people would learn to control their crotch fruit.  LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!  Crotch fruit.... that is the BEST! Now that I think about it I may have heard the term before but I love it now because it immediately made me think of my niece & nephews and thought "Something is definitely rotten in the Garden of Eden" where they are concerned! Rotten to the core I tell ya. It may seem harsh but truth is that I had years of being warn down so now that they are back on their own I have much repair to do on myself emotionally, mentally and physically.  Anyways, coming across that was just awesome and how else would that have come up if it weren't for the app? It's not like people use that term often ya know? I've heard fruit of the loins often enough but crotch fruit... that's so much better! LOL

Yeah, random thoughts that's my theme for a little while... as for those that stopped in to read here's a few answers or a couple tid bits:

I haven't given up on the weight loss and such, I'm just working on finding my way back to the right track. I've still been keeping up with my 5K's and I've been going to the gym but I am going to take the next couple weeks off from the gym to sort of have that free evening time to organize some things and make some plans so I can get myself back to it. My next 5K is on June 30th so I'm hoping my ankle is feeling up to it by then, I sprained it during Go Commando but the endorphins made me feel like it was fine at the time so I did complete it:-) Ok, so I know I was feeling better overall when I was eating right and losing weight... much better than I feel now that I'm not doing either and I'm gaining so finding my way back is my priority for the next couple weeks... I will do this! 

Now off to make a list of veggies and fruits that I should get for eats and juicing... definitely no crotch fruit are to be included in that list!  LOL!!

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