Thursday, June 28, 2012

Parks and Summer Go Hand in Hand

Yep, it's summer. The heat is on, the sun is out and us Minnesotans have to soak it up while we can cause before we know it we'll be complaining about the cold again... but let's not go there quite yet!

So with summer brings back my desire to check out new parks and walking areas so that I'm not always visiting the same old ones. I'm thinking this weekend may be the perfect time to do so cause I don't really have too much planned, it's free, you enjoy the outdoors and I can take it easy on my ankle just going at my own pace. I won't really be walking too much, just going to the park area and seeing if it's one that I want to revisit and venture into more or not and maybe snap some photos while I am there. I'd also like to check out a dog park so I can bring the puppies out for some fetch or something and not have to worry about them dashing off. One listens pretty well but the other doesn't and you just never know when either of them will get too excited and off they go.

There really are supposed to be a lot of nice park/lake areas here in St. Paul and Minneapolis so we'll see what I discover... some of them are even right in my area and I never even knew! It's always good to learn about new things:-)

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