Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Me, Body Parts and Piercings.... Oh My!

I like hats and I'm trying to get them to like me:-) That above there is us getting along over the past weekend. Picture 1 is Saturday's hat and picture 2 is Sunday's. Look at that beautiful.... sky in picture 2! I was a gorgeous day for sure.

Now I post these because 1, I'm trying to get over my camera shyness issues and 2, to see how chubby my face is... LOL! Ok, maybe not so much number 2 but it's true I do have chubby cheeks. 

A few weekends ago now I decided to get a nose piercing. Why? At my age and all.  Eh, cause it's different and I figured since I have a big nose I may as well decorate it:-) I also just like the pain outlet sometimes. A week or so before that I got my ear pierced again, it's called a snug piercing:-)  Ok, here are some pics of those:

The first of course is the nose. The 2nd the ear.... as if you can't tell right? LOL. The snug is the piercing furtherest to the right, 2 little purplish balls there.  The one furthest on the left is the tragis and the one above there... I just call that upper cartlidge:-) I of course have the lower lobe pierced, twice... more traditional style I guess. Yeah, I like piercings. Piercings and tattoos.... yeah, I'm about due for some new ink I think..... 

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Julie said...

I like the earrings, the nose ring..well not so much but only for me, not for others. I have thought about a tattoo but just don't know what or where.
Your beautiful, you know that, right? You are!!
Take care and have a blessed evening!

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