Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guilt Issues.... My Subscription is Canceled!

I'm perplexed with a number of guilt issues on any given day, at any given moment. Whether they are valid issues of guilt or not. Sometimes I think it's just my many voices within trying to mess with me really but I often get asked if I'm Catholic... I guess that's a trait of a good Catholic or something?? Who knows really?? Not whether I am Catholic or not, I know the answer to that, but who knows if it's their trait. I'm really not a religious person per say, I believe in something greater than us that walk this planet but what or who that is I'm not quite sure. Let's just say I'm open to seeing the good and bad in every one's beliefs and I pick and choose cause it's America and I'm free to do so right?? LOL! Anyways, I wasn't trying to get all religious cause that just begs for controversy and those are issues I don't want to take on:-)  So back to guilt issues....

Yesterday I made this decision to take the next couple weeks away from going to the gym but as soon as I said it, or put that in writing, the guilt began. I seriously think the voices help me make decisions just because they are waiting to pounce on me with the guilt. In the grand scheme I know it's not a bad decision because I do tend to get overwhelmed and if I don't then minimize things and go back to basics I really have a hard time getting back to where I want to be. Which is exactly why I'm where I'm at right now! I had back to back weekends of 5Ks in May and was busy every night of the week between going to the gym & getting other stuff done so I was constantly on the go. This overwhelms me because I can't plan and eat well on top of all that, well I can if I'm in that pattern already but I wasn't and still am not... really haven't been since about Feb or Mar. This tells me that I really need to cancel my subscription to this issue of Guilt! I deserve this 'me' time and I just need to make good use of it that's all. Show the voices that they need to get on board or be boarded up behind some closed doors for a while, they hate when that happens:-)

Yes, I do have imaginary voice issues also but that's a topic for another time and an issue I definitely will never cancel my subscription to:-)

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Princess Dieter said...

I'm a religious person, but since my religion features the "confession/forgiveness" ritual, guilt is not something I tend to wallow in. I face it, confess it, analyze myself, accept forgiveness, and move on. Generally. :D

But guilt can be stupid, or guilt can be saying we're undermining ourselves and our own values by what we do or are not doing. And that REQUIRES facing the guilt.

If one's standards are impossibly perfectionistic, guilt is destructive.

If our goals and standards are healthy, normal, reasonable, feasible then guilt may be our conscience saying, "Look, you are violating your own rules, your own well-being is in the balace. Reassess. Do something-or stop doing something--or there will be bad consequences."

I think that's GOOD guilt. Sometimes, we do need to reassess, cause we set unrealistic goals or bear desires that can't be achieved.

I guess decide if the guilt is good or bad, and then do something about it. :D

Take care,

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