Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear old Friday we meet again
and how I hate to rush you friend
but here I sit with paper and pen
planning how my weekend I’ll spend.

The sun is out and the weather is great,
there are parks to visit and pics to take.
I certainly won’t be working late,
I keep thinking of illnesses I could fake.

The work week is long and full of stress
but I’ll stick it out to the very end
cause there is one thing that I must confess,
my job I like but my nerves need to mend.

A few more hours, it won’t be long,
and the thrill inside will start to quake.
The voices within will chime in with song
and off to the weekend we’ll shimmy and shake!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Parks and Summer Go Hand in Hand

Yep, it's summer. The heat is on, the sun is out and us Minnesotans have to soak it up while we can cause before we know it we'll be complaining about the cold again... but let's not go there quite yet!

So with summer brings back my desire to check out new parks and walking areas so that I'm not always visiting the same old ones. I'm thinking this weekend may be the perfect time to do so cause I don't really have too much planned, it's free, you enjoy the outdoors and I can take it easy on my ankle just going at my own pace. I won't really be walking too much, just going to the park area and seeing if it's one that I want to revisit and venture into more or not and maybe snap some photos while I am there. I'd also like to check out a dog park so I can bring the puppies out for some fetch or something and not have to worry about them dashing off. One listens pretty well but the other doesn't and you just never know when either of them will get too excited and off they go.

There really are supposed to be a lot of nice park/lake areas here in St. Paul and Minneapolis so we'll see what I discover... some of them are even right in my area and I never even knew! It's always good to learn about new things:-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Went on a Trip and all I Got was a Resprain!

Yeah, there are many reasons why my name isn't Grace. One of them of course is my body's attraction to the ground... OK, I fall... not a lot per say but enough. I lack stability in many ways I guess, mentally and physically;-) Anyways, I have been having issues with my calves and ankles for a few months now and in the summer the ankles and feet swell because I sit most of the day at work and the heat or humidity seems to affect them even when I'm in the air conditioned building. When I did the Go Commando 5K I sprained my right one and at the time I thought it was ok but that was just the adreniline tricking me because once that wore off, after the 5K, I was feeling it. So I've been trying to take it easy since then and haven't done any 5Ks or too much walking since to try to get it to mend before this Saturday's 5K. Well, I was leaving last night to have dinner with some friends and I guess my body was missing the ground cause it tried to revisit it! Luckily I caught myself but because the driveway is at an angle the ankle twisted again to compensate for me trying to regain balance and the results were a moment of sheer pain and then another few of limping and cussing my way to the car! Once in the car I had to come to grips with the fact that this means I better bow out of the 5K cause it's probably not good to push my ankle that far now that I've reinjured it. Then my mind chipped in to help me feel better by saying "Hey, think of it as you went on a trip!" Yeah, I giggled... my mind knows me well and laughter is the best medicine you know cause I did feel better. Unfortunately not enough to feel I can do the 5K but enough to not feel too bad about it cause the first Sat in Aug I have another 5K obstacle course that I need to do & by then my ankle needs to be tip top cause it will be a bear of a course I'm sure, it's the Dirty Girl 5K!

So all in all... well the trip wasn't fun so I guess I can't really say that but dinner on the other hand was pretty great so that trip was well worth it. We went to a little hole in the wall type place that served Latin food and I had plantains in my dish, they were awesome! I don't eat them much cause I don't really have good cooking skills so when I've tried to make them they didn't turn out so tasty but I will definitely go back to Catilina's to have them again in the not so distant future:-) A lot of times the little holes in the walls are the best so don't be afraid to check them out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Me, Body Parts and Piercings.... Oh My!

I like hats and I'm trying to get them to like me:-) That above there is us getting along over the past weekend. Picture 1 is Saturday's hat and picture 2 is Sunday's. Look at that beautiful.... sky in picture 2! I was a gorgeous day for sure.

Now I post these because 1, I'm trying to get over my camera shyness issues and 2, to see how chubby my face is... LOL! Ok, maybe not so much number 2 but it's true I do have chubby cheeks. 

A few weekends ago now I decided to get a nose piercing. Why? At my age and all.  Eh, cause it's different and I figured since I have a big nose I may as well decorate it:-) I also just like the pain outlet sometimes. A week or so before that I got my ear pierced again, it's called a snug piercing:-)  Ok, here are some pics of those:

The first of course is the nose. The 2nd the ear.... as if you can't tell right? LOL. The snug is the piercing furtherest to the right, 2 little purplish balls there.  The one furthest on the left is the tragis and the one above there... I just call that upper cartlidge:-) I of course have the lower lobe pierced, twice... more traditional style I guess. Yeah, I like piercings. Piercings and tattoos.... yeah, I'm about due for some new ink I think..... 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Variety

Yes, a weekend of fun was had at the River's Edge Music Fest. Who knew? Ok, I knew, it's music so how can it not be run right? Pictures, yeah I didn't take too many. I have some scenic ones but nothing too great. I'll have to share some later cause I have yet to download them from my camera.  

What I did learn however is that Bud Lite Lime a Rita is not so great. Not from a can anyways. Maybe over some ice it would be passable but I prefer the real margaritas and blended:-)  Also, May Flies are nuts!! Tis the season so when the sun goes down & the lights come on they are a swarming. It's so weird to me that they come out for one night of glory and then die. The ones I had to make my way through picked a good, scenic spot at least for their demise. 

I didn't make lists as I thought I might while listening to music. There was lots of walking though, back and forth between stages and just to do something so we weren't sitting or standing in the same spot all day long. It was great weather for both days, only a little sprinkle on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful! What I did realize is that I needed to start paying closer to my tight budget and my ever tightening pants! 

Again, I realize how it's just so crazy to me that you think you aren't ever going back and slowly you find yourself doing just that. It makes you gain a whole new respect for those that have such a hard time with so many addictions in life and actually conquer them enough to keep them at bay. At this point I just need to do something before it's time to start breaking out the one size bigger pants that I do still have lying around since I have yet to fill that donation bag for drop off. I don't want to revert that far back so I need to do something cause the pants I'm in now are beginning to feel a little too tight for comfort.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend of Musical Fun!

I'm a little excited about this weekend. One because the weather has been nice for the last 2 days (not too hot, yet beautiful and sunny) and two because I have the River's Edge Music Fest that I'll be hanging out at!  It's a weekend of music galore from 1 pm to 11 pm on Sat and Sun. They say there is supposed to be rain on Sat but I'm hoping they are wrong, or that it's light at least cause the act I really want to see that day is the Scissor Sisters! At least they will be on later in the evening, around 7, so here's to hoping it works out weather wise:-) There is also QuietDrive, Sublime & Tool that I want to check out that day for sure. Sunday's schedule has a lot more bands I haven't really heard of but Dave Matthews is at 7 and him I'd like to see and probably the Flaming Lips at 5:30... those 2 for sure:-) 

Needless to say there won't be blogging happening on the weekend then to keep up with my daily entries but I'm hoping to get some good pictures that I can share later cause I do love to take photos. I finally found a charger for my real camera so that I don't have to try to use the iPhone camera, which isn't always the greatest for night time or far away scenes. 

It also means there won't be much planning going on for getting back in gear on the healthy eating but... I will be bringing a note pad and pen so that I can pen some ideas or lists during those times where we are just relaxing and listening to the tunes:-) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guilt Issues.... My Subscription is Canceled!

I'm perplexed with a number of guilt issues on any given day, at any given moment. Whether they are valid issues of guilt or not. Sometimes I think it's just my many voices within trying to mess with me really but I often get asked if I'm Catholic... I guess that's a trait of a good Catholic or something?? Who knows really?? Not whether I am Catholic or not, I know the answer to that, but who knows if it's their trait. I'm really not a religious person per say, I believe in something greater than us that walk this planet but what or who that is I'm not quite sure. Let's just say I'm open to seeing the good and bad in every one's beliefs and I pick and choose cause it's America and I'm free to do so right?? LOL! Anyways, I wasn't trying to get all religious cause that just begs for controversy and those are issues I don't want to take on:-)  So back to guilt issues....

Yesterday I made this decision to take the next couple weeks away from going to the gym but as soon as I said it, or put that in writing, the guilt began. I seriously think the voices help me make decisions just because they are waiting to pounce on me with the guilt. In the grand scheme I know it's not a bad decision because I do tend to get overwhelmed and if I don't then minimize things and go back to basics I really have a hard time getting back to where I want to be. Which is exactly why I'm where I'm at right now! I had back to back weekends of 5Ks in May and was busy every night of the week between going to the gym & getting other stuff done so I was constantly on the go. This overwhelms me because I can't plan and eat well on top of all that, well I can if I'm in that pattern already but I wasn't and still am not... really haven't been since about Feb or Mar. This tells me that I really need to cancel my subscription to this issue of Guilt! I deserve this 'me' time and I just need to make good use of it that's all. Show the voices that they need to get on board or be boarded up behind some closed doors for a while, they hate when that happens:-)

Yes, I do have imaginary voice issues also but that's a topic for another time and an issue I definitely will never cancel my subscription to:-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something's Rotten in the Garden of Eden

Hi, my name is Melanie and I have a iPhone addiction. I'm sure it would be the same with any Smartphone really but mine is a iPhone so I'm sticking to it:-) I often find myself wondering what we ever did or how we survived without them and then I realize... um, obviously we made it through just fine cause here I am to experience it now after all. It's funny to me cause I've been going to these free movie screenings and they often say you can't bring in your phones. I think they are afraid that you will tape things or whatever but I think.... "What if I have an emergency??", "How will I spend the 30-45 minutes waiting??" (cause the seating is based on first come first serve until they are full). Well, there are still these things called "pay phones", however scarce they really do seem, and God forbid I should talk to my fellow man, boyfriend or make some new friends!  LOL!!

Yeah, I love my iPhone and I do have an addiction. I especially love the apps!! You can learn from them so that's great right? Just the other day I discovered the Foursquare app.... OK not really 'just discovered' it's more like I decided to give it another try cause I didn't seem to like it originally but now it's kinda fun. Anyways, I was checking in at a certain location and one of the tips someone left was that it would be much more peaceful if people would learn to control their crotch fruit.  LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!  Crotch fruit.... that is the BEST! Now that I think about it I may have heard the term before but I love it now because it immediately made me think of my niece & nephews and thought "Something is definitely rotten in the Garden of Eden" where they are concerned! Rotten to the core I tell ya. It may seem harsh but truth is that I had years of being warn down so now that they are back on their own I have much repair to do on myself emotionally, mentally and physically.  Anyways, coming across that was just awesome and how else would that have come up if it weren't for the app? It's not like people use that term often ya know? I've heard fruit of the loins often enough but crotch fruit... that's so much better! LOL

Yeah, random thoughts that's my theme for a little while... as for those that stopped in to read here's a few answers or a couple tid bits:

I haven't given up on the weight loss and such, I'm just working on finding my way back to the right track. I've still been keeping up with my 5K's and I've been going to the gym but I am going to take the next couple weeks off from the gym to sort of have that free evening time to organize some things and make some plans so I can get myself back to it. My next 5K is on June 30th so I'm hoping my ankle is feeling up to it by then, I sprained it during Go Commando but the endorphins made me feel like it was fine at the time so I did complete it:-) Ok, so I know I was feeling better overall when I was eating right and losing weight... much better than I feel now that I'm not doing either and I'm gaining so finding my way back is my priority for the next couple weeks... I will do this! 

Now off to make a list of veggies and fruits that I should get for eats and juicing... definitely no crotch fruit are to be included in that list!  LOL!!

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