Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rise 'n' Shine!

Today is Easter as we all know but it was also 5K day.  The Rise 'n' Shine 5K that is and it was at Como Lake this morning.  We had a rainy day yesterday but today the sun was out at 6:30 am or so and has been shining bright ever since so it was a beautiful day for a walk.  It was a little brisk out there this morning but that's way better than too hot so I'm not complaining by any means:-)  

I was hoping to have a finish time of under 55 minutes but no go.  I went to the gym yesterday and did some biking on this hill program and yeah... my legs were feeling that pain today when I walked.  I did run a couple times during the last mile or so in hopes to try to get that time down some but nope... wasn't happening cause my running isn't quite fast enough to make much of a difference yet.  Oh well, I'll keep at it:-)

So I finished in 57 minutes, burned 392 calories, walked 8104 steps and that was 3/22 miles.  Here is my swag:

We just got the shirt there but it's a lovely shade of purple, which you can't really tell so much from the picture.  I love purple, it's my favorite so I was quite excited and actually put it on and did the walk in it.  Came in handy cause the shirt I had on wasn't quite warm enough:-)  

Ok, I did manage to take a picture or 2 also that I wanted to share because this my friends is also my fun thing for day 8 of fun:-)

There is a picture of the sign at the lake and then some shots of the lake this morning. I love the 2nd one with the sun being reflected there in the water. They are a little dark because it was so bright and I was using my camera on my phone but I love the nature pics:-)

I'm also using this walk to fulfill:  

I wanted to do a separate walk for it but it was to be completed 4/6-4/9 & I just won't be able to fit another in.  I feel ok with that since I did walk 5K or more on 4/2, 4/3 and I biked 8 miles at the gym on 4/5 & 4/7.... the biking at the gym could count I suppose but I have no picture proof of that:-)

Oh, I forgot about the fun stuff for 4/7!  Can't forget that so we'll tack it on here:-)  It was Saturday so that is bowling day.  I did pretty well with an overall score of over 300.  I know, that doesn't sound great for 3 games.... LOL... but it's good for me:-)  That wasn't all the fun though, one of the fellow bowlers brought a fun little gift of these little cuties:

Aren't they cute???  They are plastic Easter eggs so they had some jelly beans & chocolate in them.  I guess in more ways than one I was hanging with my peeps on Saturday;-)

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Julie said...

You did awesome. You were there, you were walking and you finished. That was AWESOME!!! I am very proud of you for all your 5K's and more. Keep them up. I wish I lived just a tad closer and I'd join you. Our first one is May 12th but I'm not positive I can do that one. You see it would be my first race without Mike as my cheerleader and I am not sure I can do it without him. We'll see, I know I can be strong and I also know Brenda (my BF will be there) but ..... it makes me cry thinking about it.
Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and I love those chicks, they sure are cute.
Take care and keep up the great work. Blessings my friend!

deanna said...

You did do great. I love your fun day stuff... Is that a 30 day challenge? So fun.

Gattina said...

We were in Amsterdam and fortunately on Easter Sunday the weather was sunny and we also could go for a nice walk !
Today it's raining again and we are back to Brussels.

VBR said...

I think anyone who sets a goal for themselves and makes that goal a reality deserves a ROARING CHEER of HURRAY!!!! Great job!!!

Maren said...

You did wonderfully!! Finishing a 5K is fantastic in my book!

Miss April said...

Congrats on the 5k, I'm feeling inspired! I am so happy and proud that you did this. Yeahhh!!!

Blog Wobble said...

Congratz on the 5k, you did a great job!!! Inspiring!

Judie said...

Congrats! You certainly are energetic! And I love that purple shirt.

I can't find your "U" post. Is this it? I'm confused because your AT link led me nowhere.

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