Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jelly Beans Are Fun

I'm putting this in writing on April 4th but I completed the walk on April 3rd. Now I was checking out a new area to walk and there were lots of steep hills so the 5K took me longer than normal because of that and the fact that I stopped here and there for pictures:-)

So here are the numbers:

Finished in 1 hour and 24 minutes
Burned 343 calories
Walked 8619 steps
3.56 miles

I'm always shooting for under an hour but those hills kicked my butt and the pictures... had to take some pictures:-)  I walked from home to Mounds Park which is less than 2 miles away and has a great scenic view of down town St. Paul.  It's called Mounds Park because there are mounds that represent the Indian burial grounds that are there.  Here's the pics:

That there is the sign to the park that tells a little about it and one of the burial mounds. Hard to read but I love that sun burst!  

Here we have a view of the Mississippi River from the bluffs of Mounds Park, with the sun at my back.  The 2nd picture is a view of Down Town St. Paul, across the Mississippi River, again from the bluffs of Mounds Park but now looking into the sun... which is why it looks darker.

This picture I just love cause you see Minnesota's cloud making factory there in the distance.  LOL... I'm joking!  I love it cause you see the blossoms blooming and I just like the character the bush adds to the view:-)

So there you have it, my Jelly Bean run... I didn't have any jelly beans but I did have a lot of fun:-)

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Raeesa Samizdat said...

Loving the pics!

Maren said...

I love those pictures! Seeing other people's outdoors/hiking/running/walking pictures always make me feel so happy :D

Esther Joy said...

I especially liked the view of the skyline against the water. Nice!

Julie said...

Have you ever been to Gull Lake? They have an ancient burial ground with lots of plaques along the way to explain. It's really cool. Thank you for stopping by and I so look forward to sharing my birthday race with you. YES!!! We can do it.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Debsdailylife said...

Great job on that walk!! Hills can be killers, but so good for the rear!!! And I loved the pictures!!

Shannon said...

Hills are good! Love the pictures!

I'll be doing my Jelly Bean this afternoon or tomorrow.


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