Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get In Gear!

Another 5K done!  This one made me nervous cause I've been having some leg issues. I'm not sure if it was shin splints or what but the right leg, calf muscles just burned and ached. I've been wearing a compression sleeve and cutting back on the walking prior to the walk and I wore the sleeve and a tiger balm patch during it. Worked out pretty well. My leg and ankle made it through, I ran a little in the beginning and I didn't finish last. I didn't have the best time but I made it all through so that was good. 

It was a rainy day, from start to finish. I actually didn't mind walking in the rain since it wasn't a heavy rain. It was steady but light so I didn't get drenched or anything since I had a hat on and a waterproof windbreaker. I have to say that despite the weather this was a fun 5K. Lots of fun goodies and it was at Minnehaha Falls so there was a waterfall to snap photos of!

Pretty huh?? I'll have to get back to this park for some exploration type walking soon cause there looks to be some fun trails:

Ok, so my time for this was was 53 minutes, 3.2 miles and 378 calories burned. I forgot to write down the steps for this one since there was extra walking before and after and then I went to the gym and rode the bike for 40 minutes:-)  

Part of the swag for this run was from Dynamoo:

What? You never heard of it?? Well that's cause it's new:-) It's also made by a local dairy company and was making it's debut during this walk so lots of free samples of the chocolate and it's AWESOME! Perfect for after a walk, run, bike, or any type of work out. Heck, it's good just to drink it when you want some chocolate milk! Click on the picture and you can check out the details about it and see if you can find some in a store near you.

Ok, that was the Get in Gear run. I will need to sign up again for this one next year! I'll end with a snapshot of the fun stuff:

Up in the right hand corner is a Get In Gear tote and a Dynamoo cowbell... how can you not love a cowbell???  

I'm also using this run to fulfill a virtual run in honor of a fellow blogger that turned 50, Julie over at Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I wanted to do one all on it's own for this but I'm trying to make sure the leg is healed before I overdo things. I figure the biking I did after this 5K, which ended up to be 12 miles, would be good enough to ease my conscious and make me feel like I wasn't cheating or something... LOL! If you don't already follow Julie then check her out, she is definitely an inspiration!

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