Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Diary ~ Week 4

Saturday, April 7 2012

Diary have I ever mentioned that I hate getting workouts in on the weekend? No? Well that's probably because up until now I really haven't been making myself go to a gym to work out! Well I have in the past but that was long ago. I joined a gym on 4/1 and my insurance will pay a portion of my monthly fee if I go 12 times a month. Well do the math and that's 3 times a week. Now I could go everyday one week and skip another all together or however, as long as there is 12 days total at the end of the month. I figure 3 days a week is good and spaced out enough so that I don't get sick of it too quickly. Anyways I try to go on the weekdays but that means back to back days if I need to skip a day or it doesn't always work out and low and behold, it happened on week 11 so I have to go on the weekend so I get my 3rd day in. The good part is I also bowl today so I have the time to kill before that. Ok, it's not really good news per say but I'm trying to be positive:-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

OK Diary, yesterday I said I hated working out on the weekends well even more I hate getting up early on them! Today is the Rise 'N' Shine 5K so it's up and at em at 6 am! Man, I feel like I have to go to work since it's the same time I get up for that. It's not really the same since I'll be outside and it's sunny, there's a lake involved, and getting lost in my thoughts. Well I get lost in my thoughts at work too and I sit by a window so I sort of get the sun.... no lake though and I'm in a cube where I should be doing work so nope... not the same, I'll gladly take the 5K for being off of work today:-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Diary today as I listen to my podcasts by Kevin Smith I'm reminded of how much I love him. Ok I loved him more before he became so into smoking pot but I still love him none the less:-) Now the boyfriend appreciates Mr. Smith but wasn't quite as fond of him as me. Not that he dislikes him in any way but he only knows him through his movies and a few talk show appearances. Well last year I took him with me to the screening of Red State and there was a Q&A after with Kevin so the boyfriend gained a new appreciation for him. This week I find him reading My Boring Ass Life, by Kevin Smith. It's basically a diary of sorts. Hey... like this Diary:-) Anyways I was pleased to know that he wanted to read the book and that I can now read it too! It's been on my list but I've been trying to finish what I have and keep forgetting. Anyways I'll have to start it soon cause he like it and we have very similar tastes so I will to!  That's my fun thing for today I think Diary... realizing that not only will I be reading the book but the boyfriend and me are more similar than we even realize:-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ok Diary, some thing's gone amok and I'm not sure what! You see I'm on this healthy lifestyle kick. OK not a kick really cause it's a lifestyle so it should be permanent right? Well that's my problem. They say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit but what they don't tell you is 1 day can change it's direction if you aren't careful! It slowly goes from moving up the good scale to inching right back down. Now I guess it makes a little sense cause your old habits you had longer so the new habit is not quite as strong to keep that older one down. Anyways, I was suppose to go to the gym and I didn't is what I'm trying to fess up to here. I didn't even walk at work during lunch cause of meetings. Blah to that I say. That means gym for sure Wed, Thurs and probably Sat, again. Keep me to it Diary and by that I mean my subconscious or something cause the diary is just a place where its thought are put out there for me and whoever else is curious to read:-) The fun moment for today is that I received my purple Coach purse and wallet and love them so.... have I mentioned how much I love purple? It's not real Coach either Diary so chill out, I spent a few 10's under $100 on the 2 together, HOOTIE-HOO!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy thoughts today Diary! There is this game called Draw Something that I'm totally addicted too! So fun, its sort of like Pictionary but you play through a phone, or in my case an iPhone or iPad. You don't have to be the best at drawing and some people just write the actual word that you have to guess, which I hate, but those who want the challenge play by the rules of not giving the word an drawing what you can... sometimes using some word clues. It's totally a game that you should check out if you haven't already Diary... er um whoever is reading that is:-) It's my fun moment for today, and many days to come!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

So I made it to the gym Wed and today Diary.  WOOT for me! My fun moment for today is realizing that when I go to the gym I have 30-45 minutes where I can read if I spend it on the bike machines that they have to offer.  I love it cause I don't make a lot of time to read and I do like to read. I have that Kevin Smith book to get to after all Diary:-) Since that is an actual book I can read that while on the elliptical cause it has this little doo hickey thing to hold the book for me. I have been reading using the Kindle app on my iPhone so that I have to hold and it's much easier to do that while sitting and peddling on the bike. I'm just excited cause I've made more progress on my current read in 2 days than I have in a week! LOL

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday Diary, as if you didn't already know:-) Not only is it Friday though, it's Friday the 13th! Every other Friday is movie day for me and my bestie however she can't make it this week so I'm on my own. Now I could go to the gym so that I don't have to do it on a Sat but I'm already all geared up to do it Sat, and get some extra, extra reading in:-), so I don't want to go tonight. I think tonight should just be a fun night since I've been feeling this funk of sorts for a while now. Today's work day has been dragging on Diary so of course my mind then wanders and then my thoughts need to be shared:-) I keep hearing the Time Warp song in my head and I begin to wonder if we were to sing and dance it, and truly believe it, could we really create a time warp? I'm not saying I'd sing and dance but in my head I am at the moment and it's not working. Maybe the key is really doing it in public... yeah, not gonna happen... unless there are drinks first:-) Oh my fun moment... I had to stop at Target and my favorite thing to do there and at Wal-Mart is check out toys and find a favorite. My fav this trip was the angry bird toy cause I love the little noises and laughing sounds:-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ok, got the gym done and some extra reading in. HOOTIE-HOO! Now I've learned that having my health insurance pay for some of my gym membership fee is definitely a luxury that I haven't been appreciating as much as I should. So many are surprised by it and maybe even a little jealous of it so I really shouldn't take it for granted! It is a nice incentive to go and in the long run it helps keep you healthy so they see it as possibly saving them some medical costs. I'm lucky enough not to have to pay too much out of pocket for my health ins, it's figured in my salary, so that's even more of a luxury that on top of that and the fact that it's great coverage I get the extra benefit:-) Ok, with that being said Diary my fun moment for today is going to see the season opener of the Mn Vixen's. That's women's football:-) Check em out sometime, well you can in person if you are in Mn but online if not:-) You can click on this little pic to be taken to their site.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well Diary, today I was up early for another 5K. This was a spur of the moment one that I signed up for and I wasn't really sure what I was in for obviously cause in the end I really only went 1/4 of a mile! This was the MIA Art Dash and I'm counting it as my fun moment of the day because really it was a fun run for families and it was geared towards kids. I didn't realize what it was an how it all worked cause they broke the 5K down into 3 different start times so that you could do the whole 5K, a mile and a half or a half of a mile so that each kid could choose or do them all. It was so cute and quite inspiring to see these kids run with all their hearts! They also had some Mn sport team mascots there to rile the little ones up and they are pretty cute also.  My favorite is the Mn Viking one. I did get a shirt, bib number and little kiddie medal for the little that I did do... cause it's a fun run, but I feel like I cheated since I didn't do a full 5K so this one I'll be doing my own 5K to make up for and then I'll do a separate blog to talk about it all. For now I leave ya with the fun pic of the Viking mascot:

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4 Unleashed voices:

Munchberry said...

I have a love hate thing going with exercise. No good excuses like having to get up early tho. Just general loathing. High five for doing it and getting insurance to pay part!

Cute bag. I love purple!

PlumPetals said...

The 5K sounds like it was a lot of fun!
LOVE the Coach bag :)

Julie said...

I love dear diary. I love reading your thoughts. That tote/purse is something my mama would LOVE!!! Purple isn't my most favorite color but it sure is hers.
Keep working out and have that extra $$ because you did make your 12 workouts is so cool. My insurance does the same thing.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon!!

Blog Wobble said...

I am another with a love/hate relationship with exercise. The whole time I am doing it I am wishing I wasn't but then afterwards I feel great so I do it again the next day. Sometimes we just have to suck it up you know?
That purse/tote is an awesome color!

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