Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Diary ~ Week 3

Monday April 2, 2012

Man Dear Diary, it's a good thing that I am the only one that cares to read this cause my writing leaves something to be desired. I much rather type now a days cause it can be done faster, faster and it's neater, therefore much easier to read. I also type fast enough to keep up with my rambling thoughts so I can make sure to capture it all. The problem is I just don't always have access to get it out in my virtual diary timely enough ya know? So I gots ta write it when I feel it:-) Anyways my topic today is do you ever wonder why it is that when you realize just how much money you owe it just makes you want to spend more?OK maybe it's just me that has that problem:-) Yes it is a problem and the first step is admitting you have one right? How come it's easy to admit it but harder to fix it when everyone says it's the other way around? Just cause I know it's a problem really doesn't make it any easier to fix. LOL, like it's really that big of one, I work so I can pay and that's great. I just gotta say no to more spending and yes to paying off the money already spent. That and a couple hundred other things and life is good. Alright it's good now, way to make me work it our Diary. Hear that?  Life is good!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lolly gag, today I wonder why that term is used for someone that is fooling around? OK, now that I wrote it out as such it just sounds dirty. Yes I have the humor of a 16 year old boy Diary, it can't be helped! OK now initially I wondered cause I thought of lolly as a lollipop or sucker and gagging as choking on one. Now I do like suckers and if I were to choke on one I guess it would be cause I was fooling around so I guess not that I write that out and think about it it all does make sense after all. Dang it! Let's go back to the dirty version cause that makes for more interesting conversation:-) OK Diary, I'll save it for another day:-(

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diary, I thought today I'd fill you in on my 30 Days of Fun Challenge I'm participating in. Life is stressful so you just gotta find the fun in it ya know? Anyways I thought since I journal a little something daily it might be fun to include my fun stuff that I do here cause I do put these entries in my blog for safe keeping so it sort of kills 2 birds with 1 stone as they say (but I'm still not sure why we want to kill birds!). So today my fun was actually in relation to yesterday's fun! You see, the boyfriend gave me some stress toys and I brought them to work. I posed for a fun pic with them yesterday but today brought them to work so they could be shared with others and the boss, she took me up on the offer. Laughs were had! You just gotta love laughs! Now what I found hilariously funny is that the box says not to let the boss see you playing with it and by boss they don't mean Springsteen. It seriously says that. It had me at slinky but humor is always a plus! Well Diary that laughter fueled me through my day and gave me the energy to walk home from work, gotta luv it! My mind of course has to work much faster than the rest of me so it was fast at finding me something to focus on for the walk. I came up with the fact that there are some things worth waiting for and others that aren't but you don't always know which is which until it's too late. So as I walked home tackling hill after hill and finally realizing just exactly why it is called "Down" town St. Paul I figured out the moral to my earlier thought! The moral is you should embrace patience and perseverance! Unless you find them shaking their goods at a strip joint, then you must visualize and covet until you figure out how to achieve your overall goals. I posted that on Facebook even but I don't think people get my humor Diary... LOL! They did however like my fun pic from yesterday of me in a clown nose so that was a good thing, positive feedback soothes the soul:-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Dear Diary as you may recall I walked over 2 miles each day since Monday, yeah that's 3 days! What I've discovered is that St. Paul is one hilly city! I can walk around a lake or whatever and find some less hilly spots but the general neighborhoods and areas have some steep hills and they suck butt!! The only thing that gets me through them is the hope that while they are sucking they suck some of the fat right out of my butt! Yeah, see... positivity:-) I'll always have that going for e if I allow it. Ok so my fun thing for today is my Go Sport ID bracelet that came and I love it! So light that I don't even know I'm wearing it. I know you want one Diary:-) I put my favorite quote on the front and then the ER stuff on back and it's purple of course cause I love me some purple! Now if I collapse while I'm walking I can be identified:-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Diary, you know how when you are in school there is the click of kids that are the "cool kids" and everyone wants to be liked by them? You know, you want to hang out or just be near them in hopes that you will eventually just be accepted into the group? Yeah, I have that relationship with hats! Don't judge me Diary! I love them and I so want them to be my friend but we seem to hae this love/dislike relationship. I know they don't hate me but they dislike me and we don't really work well together yet I keep trying:-) You see in high school Diary I was meek and just observed from outside, never really tried to become a part of the crowd for fear of rejection or whatever but no more! I'm an adult now and I'm just going to keep putting myself in their little collections until I find the right fit and even if I don't... well let's just say money talks so I'm sure I can get them to like me enought to come home and be my friend there, whether we are seen in public together or not will just depend on how well we do alone. Man, that almost sounds like the makings of some weirdo, fetish type porno or something! Well folks the fun for today is desk toys and girl's night out! Yeah, PARTY!! Is it wrong to start the party early with my desk toys while at work? I think not:-)

This is a pineapple upside down drink and a cooked banana desert with a little chocolate, whipped cream and cherries:-)

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Munchberry said...

Haha! Too bad - your dear Diary got read by someone!

I love the bracelet and the quote you chose. Words to live and love by.

The nose needs to be worn in public before it truly reduced stress. : )

Debsdailylife said...

That hill work will totally get your rear!!! AND itll make you a lot faster for your 5ks!!!
And I totally get the money thing!!! It feels like youre never gonna win, so why try!! BUT thats not the attitude I should have to make it right.

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