Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Diary ~ Week 2

Monday ~ March 26, 2012

Hey Diary, I thought I had a visit from the fruit fairy today!  I came into work, at a location other than my usual where there is a lovely basket of fresh fruit, and what do I find?? Fresh fruit! Nope it wasn't left by me, even though I was planning on the visit to the location, so I figured it was the fruit fairy.  She left me a banana, just at the right moment of ripeness for eating (I am particular in this matter!) and 3 tangerines. Gotta luv the bright orange color of the tangerine.... or would that be considered tangerine color?? That's an 'hmmmmm' moment for another day! Anyways it wasn't a fruit fairy that left it, it was a co-worker however, maybe she really is a fruit fairy and she's just in disguise. Yeah, that's a little 'hmmmm' moment that I will now ponder whenever I think of her or work with her. I could think of worse things I guess so she should be happy to be thought of as a fruit fairy cause like I'm sure my employer will be happy I'm promoting better eats with my fruit basket they would likely feel the same about her leaving gifts of fruit for people to find. Nice shiny, colorful, wholesome fruit jam packed with all sorts of goodness!

Tuesday ~ March 27, 2012

I have some issues with paying attention Dear Diary.  Might it be cause I'm in debt and all my money goes to paying bills rather than attention? OK so maybe it doesn't all go towards bills and I splurge a little on fun, and not so fun, stuff but a girl has got to do that! What is life without fun right? It's work I tell ya, all work and no play... well unless you are like me and you play at work (just a little). Anyways with that being said my prayer for today (even though I don't normally pray out loud... if this is considered "out loud") is "God grant me the serenity to focus on the things that I must get done and the senility to forget those that are left undone." That should about cover it right??

Man, I had to revisit later Diary to note that in the future I should wish for the ability to forget later in the day so I have some time to remember and complete things first!

Wednesday ~ March 28, 2012

Diary, I really need to quit leaving things for the last minute cause you know how a minute seems like forever when you are doing something you don't want to do? Well it's just not like that when the something you don't want to do should have already been done! Nope, that minute goes even faster than the time that flies by when you're having fun! Yes Diary, I  know a minute is a minute but I'm allowed to have a minute to pretend that they are different... even if it doesn't really solve anything and could have been used to complete said overdue task! In the long run I feel better for having taken this minute to do so cause it's relaxing for me to visit you Diary and you are happy to have me do so right?  I know, I know... I'm only crazy when I hear answers back so if I don't put those answers in writing no one else will really know the level of crazy that I have crossed right?  RIGHT!

Thursday ~ March 29, 2012

So last night Dear Diary I got to see the Immortal Tour, yo know that Cirque du Soleil show that's done in honor of Michael Jackson's tunes.  It was good, great even and parts were awesome but it wasn't quite what I was expecting from Cirque. You know those acrobatic bendy type people who must have some sort of pact with God or Satan to be able to do some of the things they do:-) This show was more dancing, which I guess makes sense in retrospect but I so love the freaky stuff more. It was a good watch though so one and all should go. There was a man with one leg in the show that had more balance than I do with 2 and more and more now I'm noticing just how unbalanced I am. No Diary not mind wise just literal balance on my own 2 feet, although you are right on the mind imbalance also I guess.

Friday ~ March 30, 2012

OK Dear Diary, I took a couple days off work to get some things done at home and what do I do? Everything I can to avoid being home to do those things that's what! Yesterday way day 1 off and I watch a documentary on my iPhone while being a chauffeur for Terry as he went to his morning appointments. It's the least I could do since he gets up early every morning to take me to work and then picks me up at the end of my day also. So I figured I'd save him parking costs and watch that documentary that I've been trying to find the time for. Kind of productive right? After that it was checking out some gyms and getting lunch. Today I joined one of the gyms and we grilled some dinner and then went to a comedy club. Oh, yesterday there was a 10K around the lake so I guess I'm being productive just not in the household. I really do hate doing house chores! Maybe I need to come up with some kind of reward system... like a kid. No Diary not a kid being the reward! Some may consider that as being rewarding but I'm not one of those 'some' so that would make me avoid chores all the more! I'll have to think about it, I don't really think any rewards would help though.

Saturday ~ March 31, 2012

Alright Diary, is it juse me or is my heart monitor trying to tell me something? OK yes I know that it's suppose to tell me how much fat I'm burning and calories and what my heart rate is but that just it.... it's not! It doesn't detect my heart rate so am I the living dead? It's been happening too often to be user error Diary, I may be ditzy on occation but it really doesn't take a genius to work the thing. Guess I should see if it needs a new batter. I haven't really had it that long but maybe someone was using it before me or maybe its been running when I'm not using it or maybe, just maybe, I am indeed a living dead girl. Oh great, now I'll be having the Rob Zombie song in my head all day Diary!

Sunday ~ April 1, 2012

I woke up feeling good Dear Diary. The sun was out again, it's been hiding for a few days now, and it was warm and inviting. I was going to walk around the lake for a virtual 5K called the Jelly Bean Virtual Run and then I was going to do something crazy and fun for day 1 of 30 Days of Fun but instead my sister called. That always puts a cloud over my day! She called for my mom really and just wanted to move some stuff so it was all good but I had to help so it ate up most of my day. I then ended up eating way too much and while I was still gonna do the 5K I ended up only doing a mile and a 1/2 caut I was having food baby issues that were affecting my ability to go on. I'm not sure how pregnant women do it! What, food babies aren't the same as real babies?? OK you got me there I guess Diary. Anyways I didn't complete it so I'll have to try again another day for sure!! I did get some fun pics in though out of the day but you'll be happy to know that one of them was not the rape scene I witnessed. Oh, I probably should explain myself there! That sounds bad and it was but just not in the way you're probably thinking. You see I had to witness a poor thong fighting to be rescused from being a participant in anal rape. Well, it's not really rape if the victim really isn't one, or is the poor thong I guess. I mean she put the thong on and clearly shouldn't have... OK maybe she should I don't know cause I don't wear them. My thought however is if you bend over and I can see the majority of the thong, and I mean up to the point where it disappears into the cheeks of the bootay, then you shouldn't be wearing it and you should be providing a little more coverage for us who have to see such things. Sure I could have looked away... OK I couldn't I wanted to save the poor thong, I admit it! Ladies, it's not cut to show your panties... even though guys seem to think it is. It's even worse when said panties appear to be causing you pain or appear to be in pain themselves and yes their pain is mine if I have to see it.... I'm empathetic like that;-)

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