Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenging Obesity!

Today was the walk that represents what I'm doing... Challenging Obesity:-)  Seriously, it's the walk... look at the little pic above there of the logo. It was another 5k and I thought all was good for this one but man am I having some issues with my right calf/ankle/foot, the outside of it. I'm not sure what I did or when but it's sore and hindering me from my walks!  

I did prevail and make it through and I even tried a little running here and there, which may have just aggravated things.  Just my luck seeing since I have another walk next Saturday! I'm hoping it works itself out during the week, I guess I'll have to take it easy on the walking until then and see how things go.  

Anyways, the numbers weren't great for this one. They clocked me at 56 minutes for this one. I forgot to write down the steps but it was 3.2 miles and about 256 calories.  Looking back on other 5Ks I've done so far I'm a little confused by the range in calories, it's weird really but that's what my HRM said so I just write it down.  

I leave you with the lovely shirt and bib from this race, not the greatest color...

2 Unleashed voices:

Coley Loree said...

Congrats on completing a 5k! I am sorry to hear you are in a bit of pain, but it must feel so good to know you accomplished something positive for yourself! Way to go!!!! Ice up and relax!

Betty WSch. said...

Congrats to another 5 k done! I'm going to do one for Julies birthday. I'll be timing myself and hoping to do at least as good a time as you did.

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