Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 More Days of Fun

Hey everyone just dropping in to let ya know what fun things have been done for the last couple days!  

Over the weekend I joined a gym so on 4/2/12 I decided to walk to the gym, work out, and then walk home.  Doesn't sound fun I know... LOL.  The fun part was that I got to break out my fun Spring/Summer walking/running shoes and I got to listen to a ton of tunes as I completed the work out, not to mention add a little over 6 miles to my 650 mile goal for the year!  I also got a little jazzed up by a song and broke out into a little running.  Not much mind you but it was a minute and 30 seconds straight which is great for me!  So I leave you with a pic of my fun shoes for day 2 of fun:

Now on 4/3/12 I had more walking fun and got in over 5 miles for the day!  So many pics I could share for this day but rather than bog this blog down with all of those I'll keep that all for a separate blog because part of the walking done is being used for the Jelly Bean Virtual 5K so if you want to see that fun click on that name back there and you can check it out:-)  As for this day of fun I got a little something from the boyfriend.  He has cancer and attends a support group for this once a month.  Now he is in remission and going through maintenance chemotherapy so all is good there, thanks to those of you who may wonder that:-)  Anyways, their speaker today was there to talk about stress and provided them with some little fun stress relievers, now I love me some toys so I of course had to check them out... and that my friends is the fun moment for day 3:

It's a clown nose and a stress slinky, how can you not smile about either of those?? Seriously, the box that the slinky was in says it's a stress slinky! Perfect, I should have one for work one for home and one in my purse so it's with me at all times... what?? They make those little mini ones:-)

Did you miss any days?  If so click on the date below and you'll be brought to the blog to catch up.

4/1/12 Fun walk with fun pics

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Debsdailylife said...

Your picture made me smile!!! LOVE IT!!
ANd love those purple shoes!! My absolutely favorite color!!!

upinthecosmos said...

I knew we got along well for a reason! Purple is my absolute favorite color also:-)

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