Friday, March 30, 2012

S is for Slacker

Jenny Matlock

Yes folks, today we are on S.... or I should say this week cause I'm slacking and later than usual.  That's the reason for S being for slacking of course but don't fret ya'll for I have some food to share still.  I kept it simple this week however and incorporated the use of the grill once again so this week is also for Shish-Ka-Bobs... is that how it's spelled???  

You know, it's just food on a stick really.  Sort of keeping in good old Minnesota State Fair tradition, however it's healthy and grilled rather than deep fried and not so healthy:-)  Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Waiting to be grilled and then on the grill.  There was a ton, too much for the sticks so some was cooked on the side.  Note to self for the future, potatoes take a while on the grill so it's best to start them earlier or cook them some before putting them on the stick/grill.  Also, I still don't really care for steak and should use chicken in the future:-)

I know it's weird maybe that I don't care for steak but it's the texture thing and the fact that I seem to chew forever and it still doesn't seem like I've chewed enough.  Maybe I just buy bad cuts of meat or the cooking isn't so skilled or maybe I just don't chew right or I'm just plain weird.  Yeah, I'm voting for weird cause weird is good:-)

Ok, plain and simple this week folks... these could also be called skewers right?  That's a little fancier name than food on a stick and much easier to spell than shish-ka-bobs:-)

2 Unleashed voices:

☆☆Mumsy said...

Slacking or not, these food on the stick looks so scrumptious, and grilled? The best!

Thanks for visiting!

Jenny said...

I love food on a stick. Generally if it's fried...but shish kebab sounds yummy! I may have to try and find my metal skewers.

This would be a super spring meal!

Thanks for making me hungry!


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