Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfect Weather for a Walk

Today it was over 60 degrees here in Minnesota!  It was a sunny, beautiful 60 some degree day too.  So nice in fact that not only did I walk the 100% Irish for a Day 5K but after a quick stop to pick up some gear for my walk next week I decided to corral up my mom and my dogs and hit Phalen lake to add on another 4 miles:-)

The 5K I walked with a couple friends.  It was their first 5K of the year and they haven't been exercising as of yet so we took it easy on the speed, which means we completed it in an hour.  That's pretty good though:-)  

1 hour, 3.23 miles, 8984 steps and 257 calories.  The shirt up above there was perfect for the weather.  I should have taken some pictures of the lake we walked around.  It's called Lake Harriet and at parts the wind coming off of it was quite cold but all it all it was a good walk.  

So after that I headed off to gather up some shirts for the Get Lucky 7K next Saturday.  I also got to collect a few insulated cups, one for Get Lucky and one for the Women Rock 10K (in Sept).  Now for Women Rock part of the gimmick they are using to entice the ladies is this:

Yep, firemen.  We actually received a free 2012 calendar with the hams in it.... 1/2 nekkid like above... LOL!  He's quite sculpted and all but not enticing to me. I like to be realistic in my choices of men I guess... tee hee hee hee! Anyways, at the end of the 10K there are going to be several of these dudes there to greet, congratulate us, and provide us with our bling for completing it:-)  It should be fun.... the walk, call me crazy but I'm not so jazzed about the firemen.

Ok, so after that I headed home to get my mom and dogs like I said and we headed to Phalen for that 4 mile walk.  So beautiful but since everything was melting there were plenty of wet spots with some pretty deep puddles.  The dogs, they were pooped about half way around but they kept going and we completed it in about and hour and a half.  It took me a little longer since I had the dogs, my mom, there were more people out there and I stopped to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.  Here are a few that I took that turned out ok...

So that my friends completes today's festivities.  Oh no wait, there is one more thing!  I also bowled today after all that walking:-)  The great thing about it all is that I'm not sore and I still had energy to do whatever after the bowling was done!  Yeah, getting in shape ROCKS!! 

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Debsdailylife said...

Thats a lot of walking and moving!!! Great job!! And way to pay it forward, walking with your friends at their pace!!!

Maren said...

Fantastic effort on the walking! That is just so great!

Finallyforme said...

AAAWWWW yes. I was one of those friends this year. I so remember last year also that we did this run. Sorry for not busting my behind to get my legs and hips "greased" up before the race/walk. But I have committed to many more walks/runs this year with you, including obstacle courses and I am bound and determined to get in shape. I will start to do walks outside of the walk to increase our pace.

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