Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orange isn't Just a Color

Jenny Matlock

Well my fellow alphabet bloggers... today we are here to celebrate the letter O and orange you glad about that?? 

Ok, that was lame I know but it's a lead it to the fact that I'm here with some orange recipes today that I tried out... it isn't just a color ya know:-)  Now this week I've been juicing, drinking smoothies, and trying to eat only fruit and veggies outside of that.  Why you ask?  Cause I'm trying to be a healthier me that's why:-)

Ok so moving on.... it was hard to find some O recipes that would fit in with my goals for this week so I went with the easy thing which was oranges.  I made several juices and smoothies where oranges were involved and they were quite delightful I must say.  


There's a little fun picture collage of a couple that I made.  I don't really use recipes, I just toss in the fruit:-)  Sometimes a little yogurt or almond milk and such but this time I did only fruits and some greens, in the form of kale.  That first one there is some freshly juiced orange juice, strawberries, bananas, a couple blackberries and blueberries and then after that was all blended I added in some kale.  The second is strawberries, oranges, & pomegranate.  There was another smoothie that was freshly juiced lemon, ginger and then that was blended with a bunch of kale and a banana and some pomegranate.  Now the results were not too appealing cause of the amount of kale and the red from the pomegranate.... and I'm wondering if my poor processor is overworked cause the kale wasn't so smoothed in.  Anyways, it looked like someone got sick but it tasted great:-) 

There was also an orange salad dressing that I actually used as a marinade for some lovely brussel sprouts, cause I'm so loving the fresh ones that my local grocery store cleans, cuts up & packages for me all ready to go:-) 

It was nice and easy and gave me another reason to juice some oranges.  Then because I was too lazy to come up with other recipes I ate orange food instead:-)  LOL, that counts right???  I had spaghetti squash 2 ways and baked sweet potato!  Here's another fun collage: 


The first picture is the orange salad dressing.  The second is the fresh brussel sprouts after marination and before cooking.  The 3rd is my dinner of the brussel sprouts, marinated spaghetti squash cubes, and a grilled portabella mushroom.  The last picture is the baked sweet potato but I mashed it and added in a little butter that the boyfriend made for it (a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg... and I forget what else).  No picture of the spaghetti squash but that was eating with baked eggplant Parmesan.... which made me realize that I may not be an eggplant fan.  It's ok in a stew or something but stuffed and baked hasn't been so great so far.  

So that's what I have for ya'll today my friends.  Oh, there were juices also for which I gave the fruits and veggies a vinegar bath.  Yep, I read that helps with the cleaning so you can get all those nasty chemicals off.  So I leave you with this some lovely orange carrots and oranges, with friends... in all their bathing glory:


Do you use word verifications on your blog??  If so please read WORD! Thanks in advance:-)

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beckyp said...

Great post Im not sure I would go through all that work to eat thogh. Im lazy like that

Lavender Cottage said...

Reading your post made me hungry for some fresh fruit.
I like your poem on word verification - well done! (and I agree)

Jo said...

Oh yummy!!! I love smoothies, but i have never tried kale in a smoothie ... i guess i should give it a try! and word verification ... never use it, google does a great job of catching spam

Annesphamily said...

I like the warmer weather! It brings wonderful fresh fruits and veggies! Yummy post!

Jann Olson said...

I love fruit and I love smoothies. I have tried the green smoothie and you are right it does taste good. I had a bit of a hard time with the color. Guess I just need to close my eyes and drink. lol! I'm sure the more you did it the more you get use to the color. I also love veggies, but I have not cooked brussel sprouts in years. I think I need to try them again. Great O post!

Debsdailylife said...

Ive never heard that about soaking them in vinegar!! How much do you use? Do you soak the for just a few minutes? or longer? I may try that!!

anitamombanita said...

fresh fruits and veggies are the way to go! Although, I don't eat oranges...too much sugar in the bloodstream for me. Great post!

mrs. c said...

i read this post and today's as well. We are now drinking the berry-flavored superfood that we got at Whole Foods. It is really tasty and I hope that the processing does not take away the vitamins. I have tried cooking kale but as you said it is bitter. I think drinking it in a smoothie would be much better. The fruit juice sweetens it up. Thanks for visiting my post!

Lola said...

Great *O* post – and love poem on word verit – so apt!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend and look forward to *seeing* you again!

KDL said...

I found your title funny because my daughter used to call the color orange, juice. She had an orange teddy bear and she called it her juice bear. All the food looks good, but I am not a brussel sprouts fan, nor kale either. I know they're supposed to be good for you, but the flavors just don't do it for me.

Andy said...

I love smoothies & have them every morning for breakfast. It's not always easy to get the fresh fruits I like where I live, so my wife uses frozen fruits instead (just as good & available year round) mixed with fat-free Fage Greek yoghurt, a packet or two of splenda & a little fat-free Lactaid milk (I don't care for the almond milk too much) The smoothies are thick, satisfying & very tasty.

Thanks for NOT having word verification turned on. I HATE it with a passion & makes my life miserable, especially on those days when I have more than 100 blogs to get through & 3/4 of them have it!
Enjoyed reading your post. Nice photos too. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Oh Love

Jenny said...

I have to go read your word link!

The orange dressing sounds fabulous. I have some leftover baked chicken and I think that might be lovely together in a crispy salad with veggies!

I am always impressed with the oustanding way you are improving your health through diet.

Hooray for you!

Thanks for linking.


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