Saturday, March 17, 2012

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Top O the evening to ya'll!  Today was the Get Lucky! 7K and I wouldn't say I rocked it but I got it done for sure:-)  It hit the 80's here in Minnesota today folks..... 80's!  Now mind you, we Minnesotans are used to seeing lots of snow in March but not this year, I think we are in for a doozy of a summer for sure!

Anyways, the 7K.  It was a little tough for some reason today.  I'm not sure why, it's not like I haven't been walking 7K already.  The sun was out and quite warm and the terrain on this one was a little hilly for my liking but all in all it went well once I got going.  I did this one with my friend again and we made it through to the end.  There were a ton of peeps in green walking this one so the water stops were bone dry by the time we mosied through... water would have been very welcomed:-)

Ok, so this one was done in 1 hour & 18 minutes... officially timed I might add.  That also matched my Polar heart monitor time so that was good to see.  There were 10886 steps taken, 484 calories burned and 4.45 miles walked.  Whew... I swear I should have had a higher calorie burn than that!  It was quite a nice area to walk also, parts of it I had not seen before so that's always enjoyable. 

Of course after that we had to celebrate with:

Green beer and greenies.  I'm not sure what's in the greenies but I do have to say that by the time we were actually to this point I was done drinking for the day.  Hey, I started at 10:30 am and this was around noon and I don't drink much anymore so I just wasn't feeling it.  I was also very sleepy so I became the party pooper on St. Patty's day and went home before 6 pm.  In all fairness I had been up since 6 am and... well... there isn't much more of an excuse I guess.  Other than I want to be healthier maybe??  Does that work??  LOL.  

Ok, so as we were waiting to start the walk there was a lady in front of me with this on:

I totally thought it said 'fat' rather than 'faster' at first but I absolutely need me a shirt (or several) like this!  One in every color of the rainbow:-) 

I also used this walk to complete a virtual one:
Yep, another one down.... plenty more to go:-)  I have to do some organizing to make sure I have my list of them all updated and in order so that I can change my ticky timer over there on the right to reflect when the next one is!  I did receive my iPad that I bought myself as an award yesterday so I'm excited to get that calendar all updated!

Ok, so I leave you with my fun pic for the day.  I went to a strip joint for drinks earlier... yes... a strip joint.  Never been to one, not too shocked at what I saw, not too impressed, not too excited about going back.  I can say I've been there done that though now:-)  Anyways, the best thing (other than being with my boyfriend & friends and having just completed the 7K of course) was that I could turn on all my blinkie Irish garb & actually see in in the strip joint darkness since it was way too sunny outside to get the full effect!

All in all it was a good day but now I should shower and nap cause, heck.... it ain't easy being green so I'm tired and there is still a ton of laundry to get done before Monday!  I leave ya with this ending:

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Betty WSch. said...

Congrats!! You are really racking up those miles.
Glad you are having such warm weather already.

Maren said...

Great job, you're really inspiring! I love that shirt she had, but I read "fat" too at first :D

deanna said...

I totally thought the shirt said fat too at

80 in MN is amazing I am soaking it all in and enjoying it.... Do you think we will have snow in April again this year???

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