Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Update

Hey, I'm actually writing my mid-week update a little earlier than usual this week.... just a little:-)  I've been feeling good and in a happy place again since I'm back on track and moving back into the zone.  I then came across a blog from Marin that really spoke to me and fit for me at this exact moment.  I encourage you to check it out, she has quite the way with words!  It's Happiness vs. 'Fatness'.... go ahead, click on it to give it a read but ya'll come back now, ya hear??? 

If you don't already follow Marin then you should.  She has some great posts and some beautiful pictures of her hikes and walks, if you see her out on facebook.  I love me some nature pics and she's always looking happy after she accomplishes her treks, to which I think to myself "I would too, look at that beauty!"  And by that I mean the surroundings and her cause let's face it, we're all at our best when we smile!

Alright so as I mentioned I'm back in the zone.  I'm eating better, walking again, doing a little ab work and working on getting back to the training for the running.  I'm still drinking juices here and there, in fact I have one for breakfast & lunch today:-) So all of that is going great but what I really wanted to talk about is the happy feeling I get when I'm in the zone vs. the more depressed one I get when I'm not. 

I know it makes sense and all.  You're happy when you're feeling good and not so much when you're not but it's different here.  It's different because I can be happy when I'm not in the zone too.  Sure I'm not happy with the weight or insecurities that come along with that but life has a way of showing you that there is more to it than your appearance and you may not be totally healthy but if you are healthy enough to be out and about then there are things to be happy for most days.  It's all in how you see things, you're point of view per say.  The happiness I experience when I'm working on being healthier however is different because overall I'm in a different frame of mind and lifestyle. 

Think of yourself, if you will, as a picture.  Yep, that's right... a picture!  The one that comes from a camera.  You have it in a frame cause it's a picture of yourself that you like or don't mind, there aren't many of those from the past but this one... this one was a good one.  You're happy in it cause whatever was going on at the time superseded whatever it was that normally makes you unhappy and at that moment life was good.  With time, this picture... it gets old.  The frame collects dust and sometimes so does the picture.  It's endured a lot, maybe it's been knocked around a little on the shelf or wall and the glass is cracked or the frame is chipped.  You know, normal, wear and tear.  You like this picture though and you don't want to get rid of it or be ashamed of its sad state so you clean it up, give it a new frame.  Maybe you still have the negatives or it's on your computer and you can get a fresh copy of it made to liven up the colors and such.  You take some pride in it and bring some life back into it so you can once again proudly display this picture.  The new surroundings of the picture bring it back to the forefront and show you just what is important.  That's how I feel when I'm in the zone.  I feel like I'm learning to take pride in myself as I am but bettering myself as I move forward.  I'm changing my frame but what's inside is basically the same, just a little improved.

I may be rambling cause this is all just flowing as I think it but hopefully it makes some sense and you get the gist of what I'm saying.  If not it's simply that the view is different and not only for me but for others.  Especially for those that see beyond what they can actually 'see'.  Those who see the inner person rather than just that outer shell.  Because of that and the fact that I'm working on getting healthier I don't feel as uncomfortable being me or being in my skin.  I know that I'm making changes, not just trying to... I'm doing it!  The me inside this body is no longer feeling so confined cause fat is being burned and the soul can have some space to rejoice and celebrate that... without being out of breath and in pain within seconds!  It's a full body, mind and soul kind of happiness that follows you throughout your days rather than that 'in the moment' happiness that may or may not sporadically come as you live the daily grind.  

For me, living healthier and working on losing the excess weight is what equates to changing my frame and taking pride in my picture.  The fact that I can say that and truly mean it knowing that it means that I'm taking pride in myself, and bringing me out of my unnoticeable frame per say, is a big step in some positive, life altering directions!  What's not to be happy about there!?!?  

Last but not least, the exercise!  I'm not an active person by nature, never have been but I've learned that I love to be once I get myself conditioned to it.  I still have to push myself to do it sometimes but I'm most happy when I do.  I've come to realize I don't really need a gym or a lot of special equipment, I can use things and spaces around me and that helps me remember that there really are no excuses to not do it.  I saw this little picture on facebook the other day & thought I'd share it:   

l thought it was too cute and so very fitting:-)  I see in myself that being fat hasn't killed me and although I may have my issues from it, I also feel that there has been some good from it so in a way I am somewhat stronger.  There are experiences that you have being a fat person that you wouldn't have being a thin person, and visa-versa of course.  I think I view the world a little differently and I always try to see beyond what you can easily see, there's an open-mindedness that you don't find in everyone.  That is one of the best things I feel I have gained in all of this... up until now... now one of the best things will be the ability to give thanks to the weight for the good and then say good bye to it for good:-)

With that I leave you with a couple virtual 5K opportunities that I'm participating in.  The first is to be done at the end of March:

Click on that there picture and check it out, fun and prizes to be had.  This will be my first attempt at a 10K.  I've signed up for the Susan G. Komen 10K in Sept so I figured it'll give me a chance to see how much practice I'm going to need before then:-)  The next one is to be run in April to celebrate a fellow blogger's 50th birthday!

This is for Julie, at Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: NOT But Learning.  Click on the pic there to be taken to the blog that talks about it and her name if you just want to check out her journey in general.  She's an inspiration for those of us that want to run:-)

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Maren said...

I love that you shared your thoughts on this subject. Sometimes it's SO important to really reflect and try to write down what works for us. What makes us happy and move forward. Thank you!

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