Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Diary ~ Week 1

Monday ~ March 19, 2012

Remember the good old days of keeping a journal or writing in a diary?  I was reminded of it through a little fun thing that is being done at work.  A little work journal of sorts.  Kind of like when you stay at a Bed and Breakfast and sign the guest book ya know.  You give a little blurb about your stay or whatever. Well, I was having so much fun with that.  It's sort of off the cuff writing of sorts.  I don't have to be too creative with poetry or anything.  I do like to write poems don't get me wrong but I haven't been feeling that too much lately.  The journal writing however sparked the desire in me to do a little fun writing though so I decided to write a little blurb everyday.  It'll be about whatever, probably mostly random stuff.  The entries will be categorized as Dear Diary over in my little box on the right where they will be bunched together for easy access should anyone want to just tune in to those posts specifically. 

So Dear Diary, consider this the first entry to one of many.  Oh, I'll probably be writing these during the week and then filling them in my blog later when I have time to put them in cause I gotta journal when the feeling arises and the computer isn't always available ya know:-)  Since they should just be short blurbs I'll just combine the daily writes by weeks & have 1 page per week so they are nice and easy.  Here's to many fun posts, hope someone else enjoys them as much as I like writing them:-)

Tuesday ~ March 20, 2012

Back in the home office after a week of being Bloomington bound and all I got out of it was the need to journal:-)  It's so very quiet there and it can be here also but this is home so it's different.  Home, imagine that!  Well you are at work more waking hours than you are at home so I guess if I look at it that way going home (to my real home that is) every night is like a leave of absence or off time for good behavior.  Anyways that's the randomness that is me today. Just catching up and such, a little visiting and a huddle that's what made up this day.  Guess this first entry will be short... messy but short:-)

Wednesday ~ March 21, 2012

Spruced up my surroundings today Dear Diary with some Spring flower baskets and a fruit basket.  My work would be proud, I'm promoting healthy eats!  LOL!!  I know you're jealous that you can't watch the flowers grow with me but I'll tell ya a little about them time from time so that you can live vicariously through my words... or see, experience... whatever it's not like you care really:-)  Hot topic for today has been breast pumps and all I think about every time the topic comes up is... "Wouldn't that be considered cosmetic and not covered?"  Tee hee hee, get it??  I crack me up, even if it's only me that thinks I'm funny.. sometimes that just makes it all that more enjoyable.  Outie:-)

Thursday ~ March 22, 2012

Ever have "one of those days" Dear Diary?  Well I seem to be having a lot of them lately so can I really still say that it's just one of those days?  I mean if there are several in a row then it becomes more than just a day right?  I suppose if there are enough you could say it's "one of those weeks" or "one of those months" even but what if it's not enough and there are 3 days here, 2 there, 1 there and 4 more over there?  Does that count as a month really?  Yeah, there are better things I could be thinking about of course but no, this is what my mind wanted to focus on today Diary so I just figured I'd share that madness with you.

Friday ~ March 23, 2012

Hi Diary!  Today's wonderment of joy is... if I scream loud enough inside and people are close enough outside, could they hear me?  The reason I felt compelled to wonder Diary is that sometimes i can be one foul mouthed person.  It's shocking I know!  Shamefully it's the truth though and when at work most inappropriate to use such language... however, in some parts of the work place you would think it was quite normal.  Well you wouldn't cause I know that you wouldn't use such language... or would you?  It's times like these Dear Diary where I must reassess my sanity cause you don't even speak and the only words you have are these I provide.  Heck, the only thoughts are mine also.  Yes, this... this is where my mind and fingers choose to go today.  In a world full of wonders I think about things like this.  It's ok though cause I've come to peace with the craziness that is me and I do quite well keeping the full spectrum of that from being viewed by anyone all at once, it could alter their sanity a little if it were to get out.  Now does that make me sound like I'm bragging Diary?  Eh, it's between me and you.... shhhhhhh don't tell!

4 Unleashed voices:

Virtual Paul said...

Writing should be fun. I didn't realize how much I had missed it until I started blogging!!

Maren said...

What a lovely idea!

Debsdailylife said...

Its been a long time since Ive had a diary/journal about daily life. I do keep a prayer journal.. I love this idea!!!

Jenny said...

I started my blog several years back with the intent to write every day.

I have.

It is always a good touchstone for me when I'm having some of those 'days', too.

The one constant I know I can manage is writing matter what.

Good luck with your daily writing.

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