Thursday, March 15, 2012

5K for a Cause Close to Many

Here I am again with some info on a virtual 5K that is also helping a great cause.  Click on the pic above there and check it out.  This is being put on by Rebecca over at Weight Wars.  If you aren't already a follower you should check her out.  I don't make it over entirely enough but when I do she has some great posts and lots of great information, a pictures:-)  

Anyways, Rebecca is doing 3 5Ks in honor of a child who is fighting Leukemia and she is looking for some donations for the various charities that are involved.  She's hosting this virtual 5K to try to gain some donations so if you join up you not only get to help out a great cause but when you complete your choice of exercise you let her know and she will have a medal for ya!  If she gets enough people to join maybe even a t-shirt!  So come on ya'll check it out.

Now I decided to join in on the fun for the cause but also be my boyfriend is currently in remission of acute lymphocytic leukemia.  He received the news that he is officially in remission and he is now tackling the 2 years of maintenance chemo.  He's doing well now but it was a tough battle for him and because he is older the chances of it coming back aren't really in his favor but the Dr's are optimistic since they feel it was caught early.  

So I am supporting Rebecca for her cause and doing so in honor of my boyfriend.  He blogs also, if you want to check him out you can find him at From My Wicked Ways to Turning a Phrase.  This virtual event is to be completed between April 6th-9th.... I may have 2 5Ks that weekend too so either I'll do this as part of those or I'll get some extra miles in to cover both, we'll see:-)

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Weight Wars said...

Thank you so much and thanks for getting in too.

I'm so glad your man is doing well. It's a scary thing.

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