Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 Days of Fun

Back in 2011 I was sick all year long due to stress.  Yeah, I've always said stress was not a part of my life but who was I kidding?  I guess myself but not my body cause it finally showed me that stress was killing it.  Luckily it's only killed my thyroid (I am now hypothyroid... or however you say that) and I still have a chance to make things right.  So I came across this little post from Amanda at Run to the Finish.  She's always having fun over there so if you don't follow her or read her blog already, check it out!  

Now you can click on the picture above to check out what 30 days of fun entails but basically it's just you taking a little fun time for yourself each day.  It can be anything, a simple close your eyes and breath moment to climbing a mountain.  Whatever you want to do that you think would be fun.  If you check out the blog that the pic links to you'll see the little example calendar that she's put together, it begins with skipping on April 1.  You can follow hers or make your own, just do it.... have fun! 

So I've been doing what I need to do to get healthier, weight and fitness wise, and that in turn has helped with my overall being and happiness but it's always good to focus on that happy part all on it's own too and add a little something in there daily for that.  The happy moment can even be weight and fitness related as long as it make me happy so here's to it.... happiness for April... HOOTIE HOO!!  

I have to admit, just saying HOOTIE HOO makes me happy:-)  I'll probably do a weekly post to tell what I've done each day... they'll be simple things so that should be a short enough post to commit to:-)  

Check it out and join in on the fun!

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Julie said...

This is so cool. I'm going to check out what's happening there.
Take care and have a blessed weekend!!!

Debsdailylife said...

I cant wait to hear about your fun!! I almost joined when I first read about it on her blog, but I was afraid it would take to much work. Fun should not be work!!! : ) Have fun today!!

Nanette said...

Hootie Hoo Indeed! :) I'm excited to read about the fun things you find for yourself.

Princess Dieter said...

When my health "broke" in 1989, so that I had to quit working in 2000--it was BAD--i spent years in depression (sometimes suicidal). Angry with God. Hating my body, etc.

But once some time passed, I realized I had to work on it, so I began by destressing. Learning these kind of things we all learn to destress--music, meditation, prayer, reading, breathing, napping, being with good people, dancing (when I could), viewing beautiful stuff (art, nature).

My sister, who has lupus, and I both have had to take as much stress as possible out of our lives (not always easy). Because our health required it. It was not optional. WE HAD TO LEARN to handle stress.

I found it helpful in many areas. I became more patient. I was more empathetic. I gave people the benefit of the doubt. I was cheery to strangers. I wasn't as easily angered.

So, learning destressing techniques has other benefits, as you will find.

And purposely bringing fun things into one's life--how can that not be great? :D

Princess Dieter said...

Oops, make that "quit working in 1990". I mistyped. ; ) (and having one's household income cut suddenly by 40%, trust me, that was stress.)

Maren said...

Oh that actually does sound like a lot of fun! Looking forward to hear about what you do! :D

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