Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 Days of Fun

Back in 2011 I was sick all year long due to stress.  Yeah, I've always said stress was not a part of my life but who was I kidding?  I guess myself but not my body cause it finally showed me that stress was killing it.  Luckily it's only killed my thyroid (I am now hypothyroid... or however you say that) and I still have a chance to make things right.  So I came across this little post from Amanda at Run to the Finish.  She's always having fun over there so if you don't follow her or read her blog already, check it out!  

Now you can click on the picture above to check out what 30 days of fun entails but basically it's just you taking a little fun time for yourself each day.  It can be anything, a simple close your eyes and breath moment to climbing a mountain.  Whatever you want to do that you think would be fun.  If you check out the blog that the pic links to you'll see the little example calendar that she's put together, it begins with skipping on April 1.  You can follow hers or make your own, just do it.... have fun! 

So I've been doing what I need to do to get healthier, weight and fitness wise, and that in turn has helped with my overall being and happiness but it's always good to focus on that happy part all on it's own too and add a little something in there daily for that.  The happy moment can even be weight and fitness related as long as it make me happy so here's to it.... happiness for April... HOOTIE HOO!!  

I have to admit, just saying HOOTIE HOO makes me happy:-)  I'll probably do a weekly post to tell what I've done each day... they'll be simple things so that should be a short enough post to commit to:-)  

Check it out and join in on the fun!

Friday, March 30, 2012

S is for Slacker

Jenny Matlock

Yes folks, today we are on S.... or I should say this week cause I'm slacking and later than usual.  That's the reason for S being for slacking of course but don't fret ya'll for I have some food to share still.  I kept it simple this week however and incorporated the use of the grill once again so this week is also for Shish-Ka-Bobs... is that how it's spelled???  

You know, it's just food on a stick really.  Sort of keeping in good old Minnesota State Fair tradition, however it's healthy and grilled rather than deep fried and not so healthy:-)  Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Waiting to be grilled and then on the grill.  There was a ton, too much for the sticks so some was cooked on the side.  Note to self for the future, potatoes take a while on the grill so it's best to start them earlier or cook them some before putting them on the stick/grill.  Also, I still don't really care for steak and should use chicken in the future:-)

I know it's weird maybe that I don't care for steak but it's the texture thing and the fact that I seem to chew forever and it still doesn't seem like I've chewed enough.  Maybe I just buy bad cuts of meat or the cooking isn't so skilled or maybe I just don't chew right or I'm just plain weird.  Yeah, I'm voting for weird cause weird is good:-)

Ok, plain and simple this week folks... these could also be called skewers right?  That's a little fancier name than food on a stick and much easier to spell than shish-ka-bobs:-)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

10K... It's 2 5Ks, DUH!

Alrighty, I did it.  I walked 10K.  Now I've done it before but not straight through, there was a break in between.  I wasn't sure how long it was going to take but I'm always shooting for under an hour.  I realized though that if I did the math here, 10K is 2 5Ks... DUH!  So if I do a 5K in 45 minutes to an hour then a 10K would be double that.... HELLO!  Yeah, I'm not exactly math friendly if you know what I mean:-)  

The weather was nice so I decided to go around Phalen lake, which is nearest to my house.  My mom wanted to come along so I welcomed her.  The talking seems to make it go faster but the walking is sometimes slower.  Although now that I've done the math maybe not so much, she's got back issues but she keeps pace pretty well:-)

I had a heart monitor malfunction... it just didn't want to work.  I hate that because I look to it for my calorie burn info and without it I just have to use the number that the pedometer or mapmyrun comes up with, which usually isn't as accurate (it's higher even).  It's ok though, the main thing is that I did it cause I haven't really been keeping up the walking lately & I'm supposed to be working on the running!!

Ok so I walked it in 2 hours and 20 minutes, there was 17008 steps, and I'm told I burned 1009 calories.  I'm not so sure I agree with the calorie part as I've already pointed out.  Gotta make sure the heart monitor is working for the next one.  The miles was 6.78 so a little over 10K but 10K was done did for sure:-)  Yay me!  

So I gotta get back to the walking daily and the running practice for sure otherwise how will I expect to be running any of these 5Ks, or more, over the year here??  The next non-virtual one is 4/8 but there are 2 virtual ones prior to it so if I don't want to wimp out I will do 3 separate walks, 1 for each, rather than combining the non-virtual with the virtual as I've done in the past.... there's the challenge to me should I choose to accept it:-)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Diary The Weekend Edition

Saturday & Sunday, March 24-25, 2012

Hey Diary, I'm tricking ya today cause this is being posted as if it were written on Saturday but I'm really doing it on Sunday.  My problem with posting it on Sunday is that I already have a post for that day, cause it's my fun day, I don't want to run day, wish it were Monday.... HEY!  Wait, no I don't!  Disregard that there Diary, crazy moment:-)  Anyways I had a post for Sunday already and I don't like to have more than 1 a day so since there wasn't one on Saturday and I wanted to do a journal entry, this becomes a "2 birds with 1 stone" sort of situation.  2 birds with 1 stone.... why, why is someone trying to hit them anyways huh?? 

Speaking of birds, I went to the pet expo today and saw some great birds.  Oh how I do love me some birds:-)  Ok, not sure why I felt the need to write cause nothing too eventful happened.  It was just a basic weekend like any other.  I should have walked but I didn't, should have organized but didn't, should have grocery shopped but didn't, should have done a lot that I didn't.  Eh, another day I guess.... maybe along with my weight loss & fitness goals diary I need to set a few other goals huh??  Yeah, goals are good... I'll get back to ya on that:-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Diary ~ Week 1

Monday ~ March 19, 2012

Remember the good old days of keeping a journal or writing in a diary?  I was reminded of it through a little fun thing that is being done at work.  A little work journal of sorts.  Kind of like when you stay at a Bed and Breakfast and sign the guest book ya know.  You give a little blurb about your stay or whatever. Well, I was having so much fun with that.  It's sort of off the cuff writing of sorts.  I don't have to be too creative with poetry or anything.  I do like to write poems don't get me wrong but I haven't been feeling that too much lately.  The journal writing however sparked the desire in me to do a little fun writing though so I decided to write a little blurb everyday.  It'll be about whatever, probably mostly random stuff.  The entries will be categorized as Dear Diary over in my little box on the right where they will be bunched together for easy access should anyone want to just tune in to those posts specifically. 

So Dear Diary, consider this the first entry to one of many.  Oh, I'll probably be writing these during the week and then filling them in my blog later when I have time to put them in cause I gotta journal when the feeling arises and the computer isn't always available ya know:-)  Since they should just be short blurbs I'll just combine the daily writes by weeks & have 1 page per week so they are nice and easy.  Here's to many fun posts, hope someone else enjoys them as much as I like writing them:-)

Tuesday ~ March 20, 2012

Back in the home office after a week of being Bloomington bound and all I got out of it was the need to journal:-)  It's so very quiet there and it can be here also but this is home so it's different.  Home, imagine that!  Well you are at work more waking hours than you are at home so I guess if I look at it that way going home (to my real home that is) every night is like a leave of absence or off time for good behavior.  Anyways that's the randomness that is me today. Just catching up and such, a little visiting and a huddle that's what made up this day.  Guess this first entry will be short... messy but short:-)

Wednesday ~ March 21, 2012

Spruced up my surroundings today Dear Diary with some Spring flower baskets and a fruit basket.  My work would be proud, I'm promoting healthy eats!  LOL!!  I know you're jealous that you can't watch the flowers grow with me but I'll tell ya a little about them time from time so that you can live vicariously through my words... or see, experience... whatever it's not like you care really:-)  Hot topic for today has been breast pumps and all I think about every time the topic comes up is... "Wouldn't that be considered cosmetic and not covered?"  Tee hee hee, get it??  I crack me up, even if it's only me that thinks I'm funny.. sometimes that just makes it all that more enjoyable.  Outie:-)

Thursday ~ March 22, 2012

Ever have "one of those days" Dear Diary?  Well I seem to be having a lot of them lately so can I really still say that it's just one of those days?  I mean if there are several in a row then it becomes more than just a day right?  I suppose if there are enough you could say it's "one of those weeks" or "one of those months" even but what if it's not enough and there are 3 days here, 2 there, 1 there and 4 more over there?  Does that count as a month really?  Yeah, there are better things I could be thinking about of course but no, this is what my mind wanted to focus on today Diary so I just figured I'd share that madness with you.

Friday ~ March 23, 2012

Hi Diary!  Today's wonderment of joy is... if I scream loud enough inside and people are close enough outside, could they hear me?  The reason I felt compelled to wonder Diary is that sometimes i can be one foul mouthed person.  It's shocking I know!  Shamefully it's the truth though and when at work most inappropriate to use such language... however, in some parts of the work place you would think it was quite normal.  Well you wouldn't cause I know that you wouldn't use such language... or would you?  It's times like these Dear Diary where I must reassess my sanity cause you don't even speak and the only words you have are these I provide.  Heck, the only thoughts are mine also.  Yes, this... this is where my mind and fingers choose to go today.  In a world full of wonders I think about things like this.  It's ok though cause I've come to peace with the craziness that is me and I do quite well keeping the full spectrum of that from being viewed by anyone all at once, it could alter their sanity a little if it were to get out.  Now does that make me sound like I'm bragging Diary?  Eh, it's between me and you.... shhhhhhh don't tell!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recovering From a Feast

Jenny Matlock

Howdy, tonight I'm feeling real full from my R feast:-)  It's been so nice here in Minnesota lately, a little cloudy this week but still warm, so we decided to grill tonight.  Now the menu may be a little boring today but it was quite yummy I swear (even though the pictures may not look so great).

Ok, so today it was a rib eye steak, marinated and grilled.  So yummalicious!  The boyfriend actually put the marinade together and then did the prep and grilling cause I totally have no luck with being a grill master!  Here's what he whipped up for the marinade, or maybe I should say blended up:

Tablespoon of roasted garlic
Teaspoon of ginger (powder)
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup water
Tablespoon of honey
Tablespoon of olive oil
Pinch of salt, pepper and onion powder

Mix that all up and then soak those rib eyes in it for the day.  Yep, that was a tasty concoction for sure!  

The pieces of meat were very large so to compensate for that I roasted up some veggies and there were a couple veggies grilled.  Lots of veggies:-)  On the grill was some baby carrots, just seasoned with some salt and pepper.  There was also mushrooms for the steak, various seasonings added to those.  Roasted veggies were Roasted Edamame and Roasted Broccoli.  So very easy and great.

You can click on the names above there for those recipes.  There was a lot of seasonings used in the edamame and only a couple in the broccoli but really you could use any sort of seasoning that you may like for either of them.  I haven't really had edamame much and I bought a bag a while ago so I figured now was a good time to use it:-)  It sort of reminds me of lentils in it's texture and taste really but I like it... not that I didn't like lentils, they were good also:-)  

Ok, here is a picture of the end results:

That's my plate.  I had to take less than 1/2 of the rib eye cause it was too big but I did pile up on the veggies.  The picture, yeah just doesn't do it justice.  Roasted veggies aren't really so pretty.... well mine haven't been anyways:-)  Now here is a picture of the boyfriend's plate, who had the full sized steak:

Hugemongous right??  Yeah, I know I spelled that wrong but it's appropriate for the size of that thing!  

Ok, folks that's all I have for R today.  I hope it looks or sounds tasty enough to get you to want to do some grilling and roasting yourselves:-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Top O the evening to ya'll!  Today was the Get Lucky! 7K and I wouldn't say I rocked it but I got it done for sure:-)  It hit the 80's here in Minnesota today folks..... 80's!  Now mind you, we Minnesotans are used to seeing lots of snow in March but not this year, I think we are in for a doozy of a summer for sure!

Anyways, the 7K.  It was a little tough for some reason today.  I'm not sure why, it's not like I haven't been walking 7K already.  The sun was out and quite warm and the terrain on this one was a little hilly for my liking but all in all it went well once I got going.  I did this one with my friend again and we made it through to the end.  There were a ton of peeps in green walking this one so the water stops were bone dry by the time we mosied through... water would have been very welcomed:-)

Ok, so this one was done in 1 hour & 18 minutes... officially timed I might add.  That also matched my Polar heart monitor time so that was good to see.  There were 10886 steps taken, 484 calories burned and 4.45 miles walked.  Whew... I swear I should have had a higher calorie burn than that!  It was quite a nice area to walk also, parts of it I had not seen before so that's always enjoyable. 

Of course after that we had to celebrate with:

Green beer and greenies.  I'm not sure what's in the greenies but I do have to say that by the time we were actually to this point I was done drinking for the day.  Hey, I started at 10:30 am and this was around noon and I don't drink much anymore so I just wasn't feeling it.  I was also very sleepy so I became the party pooper on St. Patty's day and went home before 6 pm.  In all fairness I had been up since 6 am and... well... there isn't much more of an excuse I guess.  Other than I want to be healthier maybe??  Does that work??  LOL.  

Ok, so as we were waiting to start the walk there was a lady in front of me with this on:

I totally thought it said 'fat' rather than 'faster' at first but I absolutely need me a shirt (or several) like this!  One in every color of the rainbow:-) 

I also used this walk to complete a virtual one:
Yep, another one down.... plenty more to go:-)  I have to do some organizing to make sure I have my list of them all updated and in order so that I can change my ticky timer over there on the right to reflect when the next one is!  I did receive my iPad that I bought myself as an award yesterday so I'm excited to get that calendar all updated!

Ok, so I leave you with my fun pic for the day.  I went to a strip joint for drinks earlier... yes... a strip joint.  Never been to one, not too shocked at what I saw, not too impressed, not too excited about going back.  I can say I've been there done that though now:-)  Anyways, the best thing (other than being with my boyfriend & friends and having just completed the 7K of course) was that I could turn on all my blinkie Irish garb & actually see in in the strip joint darkness since it was way too sunny outside to get the full effect!

All in all it was a good day but now I should shower and nap cause, heck.... it ain't easy being green so I'm tired and there is still a ton of laundry to get done before Monday!  I leave ya with this ending:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

5K for a Cause Close to Many

Here I am again with some info on a virtual 5K that is also helping a great cause.  Click on the pic above there and check it out.  This is being put on by Rebecca over at Weight Wars.  If you aren't already a follower you should check her out.  I don't make it over entirely enough but when I do she has some great posts and lots of great information, a pictures:-)  

Anyways, Rebecca is doing 3 5Ks in honor of a child who is fighting Leukemia and she is looking for some donations for the various charities that are involved.  She's hosting this virtual 5K to try to gain some donations so if you join up you not only get to help out a great cause but when you complete your choice of exercise you let her know and she will have a medal for ya!  If she gets enough people to join maybe even a t-shirt!  So come on ya'll check it out.

Now I decided to join in on the fun for the cause but also be my boyfriend is currently in remission of acute lymphocytic leukemia.  He received the news that he is officially in remission and he is now tackling the 2 years of maintenance chemo.  He's doing well now but it was a tough battle for him and because he is older the chances of it coming back aren't really in his favor but the Dr's are optimistic since they feel it was caught early.  

So I am supporting Rebecca for her cause and doing so in honor of my boyfriend.  He blogs also, if you want to check him out you can find him at From My Wicked Ways to Turning a Phrase.  This virtual event is to be completed between April 6th-9th.... I may have 2 5Ks that weekend too so either I'll do this as part of those or I'll get some extra miles in to cover both, we'll see:-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quirky Q... Not Just a Special O

Jenny Matlock

Man, we are moving through the alphabet in no time flat here this round my friends.  Today it's all about the letter Q!  The letter Q is quite special cause it's like an O with a tail:-)  LOL, it's so much more than that... it's quirky not just a special O!  Ok, moving on....

Today my friends I have for you Hash brown Quiche, Veggie Quinoa and Quick Vanilla Cinnamon Honey Pears.  I was busy, it was yummy but I did learn that frozen spinach reminds me of what I thought spinach tasted like as a kid (BLECH!) and the fresh baby leaf spinach is much better, even when cooked!  So on with the show:-)

I've had quiche more often lately cause the boyfriend likes to make it, and makes it well, but I decided that I'd try one on my own this time.  I'm trying to be healthy and all but I have a ton of frozen hash browns that my mom brought so I figured that would be a good crust option for one and low and behold I found a recipe for Hash Brown Quiche!  

It called for spinach and I was going to use fresh spinach that I sauteed but I found that there was a bag of frozen spinach in my freezer and that prevented me from having to make a trip to the grocery store since it was the only ingredient I didn't already have so I decided to use it.  Yeah.... next time only fresh spinach!  Not that it was gross cause everyone else loved it, I'm just picky on spinach I guess:-)  So here are a couple pics:

The first is that hash brown crust.  Basically just hash brown mixed with some melted butter.  You cover the bottom of the pie pan, & I pushed it up the sides some, then bake it for 25 minutes at 425.  Once it's done you fill it with you quiche mix and bake for another 40 minutes, at 325, and viola... it looks like that 2nd pic!  If I could get past the spinach it was good... LOL!  I did veer off from the posted recipe a little because I added some garlic pepper, onion powder and seasoned salt to the hash browns so that they would have some flavor.  To the quiche mix I added some turkey sausage and some mushrooms, both I had a little of & it needed to be used so it worked out well.  Like I said, I will make it again but using fresh spinach for sure.

Next I made what I call Veggie Quinoa.  The recipe I used is actually called Quinoa and Spinach however, I was out of spinach and again... wanted to avoid the grocery store so I used carrots and celery instead:-)  What I learned here is 1 teaspoon of pepper flakes goes a long way so it was good that I didn't put in more.  I could have handled it cause I love me some spicy food but the others would have thought it was too hot, they were ok with the 1 teaspoon:-)  I'll definitely need to try this recipe with the spinach in the future, fresh spinach!, cause that would be a whole different taste since it's not as strong a flavor as something like celery but this version was good too:-)  Basically the only thing I changed in the recipe was I swapped minced carrot & celery for the spinach.  Here's a little snapshot of the final product:

It made quite a bit too!  This one I ended up freezing half of it, not sure if quinoa freezes well but I guess we'll find out.  It'll make a great side dish for some grilled meat that we might make today since the weather has been so AWESOME!!  Grilled meat of some sort, some roasted veggies and the quinoa. yum... I'm hungry now!

Ok, last is the Quick Vanilla Cinnamon Honey Pears.  This was a last minute decision because I remembered that I had these 4 pears that were ripe for the eating so I needed to eat them before it was too late.  I didn't want to eat 4 so I thought, "Let's see what recipes I can find."  I wasn't looking for a Q one persay but I found one.... even though it's just the work 'quick' LOL!  I was mighty tasty and apples would be a good one for this also.  You can eat them plain or add them to ice cream, yogurt or a pie even.  I have some of those Pillsbury croissants, you know... from the dairy section, in the fridge so I'm thinking add a little dollop to a section of the dough, roll it up & bake... mini filled croissant:-)  We'll have to give that a try.  In the meantime I ate some plain and added some to a vanilla yogurt, here's some pics:

Looks good huh?? They were pretty tasty and easy.  You basically just add the cinnamon, vanilla and honey to taste so it's however you want it.  I haven't really cooked fruit a lot so I was amazed with the amount of juice that came from cooking the pears.  It made sense once I thought about it but I'm amazed easily:-)  Quite yummy, I would make these again for sure.

Ok, there ya have it folks.  Thems be my eating pleasures this week.  As always, you can click on the bolded recipe names above for any that you want to check out and give a try for yourself.  I encourage you to try them all but the pears... yeah those were pretty good so try those for sure:-)  Until next time... I'll be thinking of what's on the menu for R:-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfect Weather for a Walk

Today it was over 60 degrees here in Minnesota!  It was a sunny, beautiful 60 some degree day too.  So nice in fact that not only did I walk the 100% Irish for a Day 5K but after a quick stop to pick up some gear for my walk next week I decided to corral up my mom and my dogs and hit Phalen lake to add on another 4 miles:-)

The 5K I walked with a couple friends.  It was their first 5K of the year and they haven't been exercising as of yet so we took it easy on the speed, which means we completed it in an hour.  That's pretty good though:-)  

1 hour, 3.23 miles, 8984 steps and 257 calories.  The shirt up above there was perfect for the weather.  I should have taken some pictures of the lake we walked around.  It's called Lake Harriet and at parts the wind coming off of it was quite cold but all it all it was a good walk.  

So after that I headed off to gather up some shirts for the Get Lucky 7K next Saturday.  I also got to collect a few insulated cups, one for Get Lucky and one for the Women Rock 10K (in Sept).  Now for Women Rock part of the gimmick they are using to entice the ladies is this:

Yep, firemen.  We actually received a free 2012 calendar with the hams in it.... 1/2 nekkid like above... LOL!  He's quite sculpted and all but not enticing to me. I like to be realistic in my choices of men I guess... tee hee hee hee! Anyways, at the end of the 10K there are going to be several of these dudes there to greet, congratulate us, and provide us with our bling for completing it:-)  It should be fun.... the walk, call me crazy but I'm not so jazzed about the firemen.

Ok, so after that I headed home to get my mom and dogs like I said and we headed to Phalen for that 4 mile walk.  So beautiful but since everything was melting there were plenty of wet spots with some pretty deep puddles.  The dogs, they were pooped about half way around but they kept going and we completed it in about and hour and a half.  It took me a little longer since I had the dogs, my mom, there were more people out there and I stopped to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.  Here are a few that I took that turned out ok...

So that my friends completes today's festivities.  Oh no wait, there is one more thing!  I also bowled today after all that walking:-)  The great thing about it all is that I'm not sore and I still had energy to do whatever after the bowling was done!  Yeah, getting in shape ROCKS!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

P is for Plenty

Jenny Matlock

So today the letter is P and it made me think of Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Have you seen it?  It wasn't too bad actually.  I bring it up simply because Mr. Poppers assistant's name is Pippy and she talks in this tongue twister like way where just about every word begins with P.  I was pretty interesting to see what she would come up with each time, you should check it out.  

Anyways, that's not what I came to blog about today cause my theme is recipes!  So I made a few easy ones this week, let's get this party started!

First on the list is Petite Pizza:-)  

There are 2 of them there and they were tasty!  These are easy peesy, can be catered towards the individual and fun for kids and adults alike.  I used some low fat wheat tortillas as the crust.  Yes, that makes these some mighty thin crust pizzas but you can roll them when you eat them if you'd like.. I don't mind the thin crust.  On that I spread some tomato sauce.  You can use any kind, make your own mix or buy a jar of pizza sauce.  Then simply top it with your favorite toppings.  For these I used chopped jalapeno, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni (on one), turkey sausage (on the other) and a low fat Italian cheese blend.  Delish!

Next I made a couple juices.  Pineapple, Yellow Plum, strawberry, mango and lemon made this love pink drinky drink:

I kept 1/2 as that and then to the other 1/2 I added cucumber, carrots, celery, and beet so that I had a dessert drink and then this mixed one:

Ok, it's juice and not really P related but there were some P ingredients so there:-)  

Last but not least is the Protein Pancake I've had on my list to make!  So good, healthy, and filling. Here's what you need:

1/2 Cup of oats
1/2 Cup cottage cheese
1/4 Cup egg whites or 1 egg
2 Tbsp hemp/flax seed
1 Tsp cinnamon
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1 Tsp almond or coconut extract

Put all those ingredients in a food processor and blend until pancake batter like consistency.  Next take a small pan, heated with a little Pam sprayed in just in case.  Spoon in the batter and spread it out to the size you want.  I had a small pan that was the perfect size to I spread it to fill the pan:

The batter is enough to make 2 good sized pancakes.  If you want you can make 1 large one or several smaller ones than pictured above.  These pancakes turn out pretty thick but if you make them in a large enough pan with space you can thin it out more or you can make them smaller and thin then out also I suppose.  Cook it on 1 side then flip to the other and cook.  They cook pretty quickly so mine got a little brown but I did put a little extra cinnamon in so a lot of that brown is from that cause they didn't taste burned:

Now you can top these how ever you'd like but since they are meant to be healthy it would be a shame to slather them in butter and sugary syrup!  When a friend made them and let me try she topped them with some pomegranate and blueberries with a dollop of Greek yogurt.  That was good.  I chose to make a topping with strawberries, a little light vanilla yogurt, and some fresh squeezed orange juice.  So good!  

I even had extra topping that I put in the freezer for a nice little treat another day:-)

So there ya have it.... P's a plenty, hope you enjoyed.... and hope you try some and enjoy:-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Update

Hey, I'm actually writing my mid-week update a little earlier than usual this week.... just a little:-)  I've been feeling good and in a happy place again since I'm back on track and moving back into the zone.  I then came across a blog from Marin that really spoke to me and fit for me at this exact moment.  I encourage you to check it out, she has quite the way with words!  It's Happiness vs. 'Fatness'.... go ahead, click on it to give it a read but ya'll come back now, ya hear??? 

If you don't already follow Marin then you should.  She has some great posts and some beautiful pictures of her hikes and walks, if you see her out on facebook.  I love me some nature pics and she's always looking happy after she accomplishes her treks, to which I think to myself "I would too, look at that beauty!"  And by that I mean the surroundings and her cause let's face it, we're all at our best when we smile!

Alright so as I mentioned I'm back in the zone.  I'm eating better, walking again, doing a little ab work and working on getting back to the training for the running.  I'm still drinking juices here and there, in fact I have one for breakfast & lunch today:-) So all of that is going great but what I really wanted to talk about is the happy feeling I get when I'm in the zone vs. the more depressed one I get when I'm not. 

I know it makes sense and all.  You're happy when you're feeling good and not so much when you're not but it's different here.  It's different because I can be happy when I'm not in the zone too.  Sure I'm not happy with the weight or insecurities that come along with that but life has a way of showing you that there is more to it than your appearance and you may not be totally healthy but if you are healthy enough to be out and about then there are things to be happy for most days.  It's all in how you see things, you're point of view per say.  The happiness I experience when I'm working on being healthier however is different because overall I'm in a different frame of mind and lifestyle. 

Think of yourself, if you will, as a picture.  Yep, that's right... a picture!  The one that comes from a camera.  You have it in a frame cause it's a picture of yourself that you like or don't mind, there aren't many of those from the past but this one... this one was a good one.  You're happy in it cause whatever was going on at the time superseded whatever it was that normally makes you unhappy and at that moment life was good.  With time, this picture... it gets old.  The frame collects dust and sometimes so does the picture.  It's endured a lot, maybe it's been knocked around a little on the shelf or wall and the glass is cracked or the frame is chipped.  You know, normal, wear and tear.  You like this picture though and you don't want to get rid of it or be ashamed of its sad state so you clean it up, give it a new frame.  Maybe you still have the negatives or it's on your computer and you can get a fresh copy of it made to liven up the colors and such.  You take some pride in it and bring some life back into it so you can once again proudly display this picture.  The new surroundings of the picture bring it back to the forefront and show you just what is important.  That's how I feel when I'm in the zone.  I feel like I'm learning to take pride in myself as I am but bettering myself as I move forward.  I'm changing my frame but what's inside is basically the same, just a little improved.

I may be rambling cause this is all just flowing as I think it but hopefully it makes some sense and you get the gist of what I'm saying.  If not it's simply that the view is different and not only for me but for others.  Especially for those that see beyond what they can actually 'see'.  Those who see the inner person rather than just that outer shell.  Because of that and the fact that I'm working on getting healthier I don't feel as uncomfortable being me or being in my skin.  I know that I'm making changes, not just trying to... I'm doing it!  The me inside this body is no longer feeling so confined cause fat is being burned and the soul can have some space to rejoice and celebrate that... without being out of breath and in pain within seconds!  It's a full body, mind and soul kind of happiness that follows you throughout your days rather than that 'in the moment' happiness that may or may not sporadically come as you live the daily grind.  

For me, living healthier and working on losing the excess weight is what equates to changing my frame and taking pride in my picture.  The fact that I can say that and truly mean it knowing that it means that I'm taking pride in myself, and bringing me out of my unnoticeable frame per say, is a big step in some positive, life altering directions!  What's not to be happy about there!?!?  

Last but not least, the exercise!  I'm not an active person by nature, never have been but I've learned that I love to be once I get myself conditioned to it.  I still have to push myself to do it sometimes but I'm most happy when I do.  I've come to realize I don't really need a gym or a lot of special equipment, I can use things and spaces around me and that helps me remember that there really are no excuses to not do it.  I saw this little picture on facebook the other day & thought I'd share it:   

l thought it was too cute and so very fitting:-)  I see in myself that being fat hasn't killed me and although I may have my issues from it, I also feel that there has been some good from it so in a way I am somewhat stronger.  There are experiences that you have being a fat person that you wouldn't have being a thin person, and visa-versa of course.  I think I view the world a little differently and I always try to see beyond what you can easily see, there's an open-mindedness that you don't find in everyone.  That is one of the best things I feel I have gained in all of this... up until now... now one of the best things will be the ability to give thanks to the weight for the good and then say good bye to it for good:-)

With that I leave you with a couple virtual 5K opportunities that I'm participating in.  The first is to be done at the end of March:

Click on that there picture and check it out, fun and prizes to be had.  This will be my first attempt at a 10K.  I've signed up for the Susan G. Komen 10K in Sept so I figured it'll give me a chance to see how much practice I'm going to need before then:-)  The next one is to be run in April to celebrate a fellow blogger's 50th birthday!

This is for Julie, at Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: NOT But Learning.  Click on the pic there to be taken to the blog that talks about it and her name if you just want to check out her journey in general.  She's an inspiration for those of us that want to run:-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Never Too Late

Never too late, yep that's what I said.  Today is March 4th and I walked 4 miles around Phalen lake here in Minnesota to fulfill the above 2 virtual 5Ks.  It was a beautiful sunny day and a brisk and balmy 22 degrees.  Perfect walking weather for sure!  I finished this walk in 1 hour and 17 minutes.  It probably would have been quicker if I didn't stop often to snap pictures:-) Here's my route, as best as I could figure out how to get it in here that is.  If you click on it then you'll be taken to the full size one at 

It was a great walk cause I got to see parts of the lake I didn't know existed and they've been fixing it up so I'm excited to see what it's gonna look like come Spring and Summer.  Here are a few highlights:

There's the sign showing where I was and the one showing what their plans are for the lake.  It's not in the best looking part of town so it could end being a nice little oasis:-)

There are a few shots.  It's a big lake so I couldn't really get pictures to show that but the 2nd and 5th shots are part of it and that's actually called Phalen Creek.  The 3rd is a view of part of the lake but just doesn't do it justice.  The others I took just look like an expanse of white and you can't really tell what it is so I won't share those.  The 4th picture is part of the area that I'm assuming will be lush and green come Spring, I took the picture now so I can compare it then:-)  That first one, well I just liked the tree!  As you can see there is quite a bit of flowing water still but the lake itself is frozen, people were on it at the end.  As I finished up my walk the fishermen were coming out.  

So there you have it, my 4 mile walk so it's a little more than a 5K but less than a 10K.  I finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes, burned 513 calories, and walked 8803 steps.  All in all it was a very rewarding morning indeed!

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