Friday, February 24, 2012


Just Say No - Word Verification

Now I love words, it's true I do
so much so that I make them up too
but word verifications are an awful pain
and figuring them out drives me insane.

They used to be fun, for a little while
for I'd give them meanings that made me smile
but now I see them and my butt just puckers
cause they're blurry, stupid and time suckers.

You type up a comment, all witty and fun
and then when you're ready and think you are done
you press enter to release it but nope not this time
instead you're in comment jail, like you've committed a crime.

You get many tries to succeed, yes that is true
but the letters make no sense and don't follow through.
Your eyes take them in but your mind can't make sense,
the whole ordeal just makes me stressed out and tense.

So there is a little favor I'd just like to ask
something for you to consider, it's a simple task
please remove the word verifications, they gotta go
go in to your settings for comments and just say NO!

10 Unleashed voices:

downsizers said...

I agree. I gave up a couple times because I couldn't get past that.

Betty said...

"instead you're in comment jail, like you've committed a crime."
Soooooo true. That´s what it feels like! I hope so much everyone will turn their´s off!!

Princess Dieter said...

I did mine. I just went to a blog today and had to enter three times to post. If I hadn't been really motivated to post that comment, I'd have given up. As it is, I'm loathe to continue to visit that blog, just cause it's FRUSTRATING to read something, want to give feedback, but have to do captchas. Easier just NOT to read that blog at all...which is sad...

Julie said...


Debsdailylife said...


Thrice Blessed said...


KDL said...

not sure which I hate more, spam or captchas...and too bad that one seems to necessitate the other. Can't remember if I turned mine on or not, I did have a spam problem for a while..I'll go check.

Jenny said...

From your fingers to bloggers ears everywhere.

The new word veri is really, really awful!

Raeesa Samizdat said...

Agreed 1000%

Weight Wars said...

Agreed! I've had such problems commenting for the challenge it's driving me mental.

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