Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walking for Sherry at the Valentine's 5K

Today was the Valentine's Day TC 5K.  TC would stand for Twin Cities cause here I am in St. Paul, Mn where we are having one of the mildest Winters that I can remember but on this day, it's 1 degree above zero and feels like 14 below!  That's according to the weather reports not me:-)  By the time the 5K started, at 10, it was sunny and warmed up to 4 degrees, WOOT!  We were walking around Lake Harriet, in Minneapolis and I'm not sure what the actual wind chill was but at some point it was cold enough to make my iPod, iPhone and even my Polar heart monitor shut down!  Ok, I may have hit the button on the monitor accidentally to shut that one off but the other 2 just stopped working and shut down.  I however kept going, no one else was going to carry me to the finish line like I would my idevices:-) 

So I made it in under an hour, 53 minutes by their clock and I wasn't last which is always great.  Unfortunately since the devices died I'm taking the numbers for steps, miles and calories from the pedometer.  It was snug like a bug in a rug in my pocket so that seemed to track from start to finish.  Which means there is a little extra in there from the walk to and from the car.  It was hell trying to find a spot to park too!

So the numbers were:

3.4 miles
9231 steps
547 calories burned

Not too bad I guess.  I also sported this lovely bib on my back for all to see:

Now that I think about it though, there weren't too many behind me so all really saw before & after the race.  From the sounds of things Sherry was a great person, wonderful mom and a fan of running.  She was assaulted and killed one day when she went for a run so her family decided to do a run in honor of her and the support spread like wildfire.  You can click on the bib there to read more about that.

I ended up bowling today also so all in all it was another event filled day.  The Valentine's 5K slogan was "Your Pace or Mine", cute huh??  We got a t-shirt for participating and a mug so I leave you with the pic of the mug & my bib:

The next 5K will be:

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Miss April said...

I love the virtual run for Sherry. My sister lives right up where it happened and she said it is just devastating to the whole community. The online running community really came together for the event and I think it shows great support and spirit of this little world. So happy you did this! :)

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