Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Deliver Us From Evil

We are entwined by temptation
in all shapes and forms.
A very intricate castration
may return us to norms.

But they whisper to us sweetly
to keep us real close.
We needn’t leave them completely
if we could limit our dose.

Like a babe in the womb
we become so dependent.
Stay too long, it’s your tomb,
your addiction the attendant.

The time for change is now
break free from the spell.
You have the power to disavow
and send them all packing for Hell.

This poem was influenced by one of the photo's chosen by Mir for the Eve To Easter Challenge so I dedicate it to all the ladies involved, and to those fighting the fight of any addiction:-)

4 Unleashed voices:

lv2 said...

like this

Jenny said...

This was written so well... as always!!!

Thanks for sharing it!!!

Blog Wobble said...

Thanks for sharing.

Chinagirl said...

great poem. And so true! We would not have to forbid food, if we could limit our selfs!

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