Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chicken on the Run

Time for the week 1 update and week 2 goals.... Wooo Hooo!

Well I don't think I initially made any weekly goals per say.  I mean, I planned to stay under 1400 calories and drink at least 128 oz of water daily and that I did.  I also planned to start the running program and do some walking 5 days out of the week.  Those things I did.  I'm not sure I got that detailed but those are the plans every week... for a while at least:-)  I did try the stair runs for a couple days but find those a little hard on the legs with the new running so I'm going to give it a little while before I do that, maybe just do a flight or 2 here or there.  I do still walk down 10 flights twice a day, 5 days a week. 

So here is some info on the running program I'm doing:

You are expected to follow a schedule & do 3 walk/runs a week.  So this week it was a warm up walk then some interval running & walking and then a cool down.  I'm assuming that will be the routine each week but the amount of time for each, & maybe the repetitions, will change as time goes on. 

Day 1 was a test of endurance for sure.  That first minute of running I thought I'd never catch my breath, whew!  I had to stop for a few seconds to do so and then resume with the walk.  After 2 minutes of walking there was another run, which went much better.  Day 2 seemed to be a little more difficult for some reason.  I didn't actually have to stop but I was tired and cranky so that probably had a lot to do with it.  I do have to say that once I got home I felt a lot less cranky:-)  Day 3, man that one was hard.  I think my problem this day was I was trying to run too fast.  Brad's recommendation is to run slow... you want to run at a pace that is a little bit more than a fast walk.  He says this is actually better for you and in the long run does less damage to your body (joints & such) and burns more fat.  Hey, slower... I'm all for it!  They say slow & steady wins the race so I guess that means that you may not have the best finish time but in the long run you have better overall results than those that rush to the finish line.  So true in so many ways really:-)

So week 2 of the running/walking schedule starts... well I'll probably start Tuesday.  We'll see how it goes, I'm gonna run real slow like & my goal is to not have to stop moving throughout each day.  The run time is kicked up a notch so we'll see how that goes!

Oh, I did have another goal but it's a year long one & that's to get to 650 miles by the end of 2012 so here's where I'm at with that:

Running goal for 2012
I think I'll set a new goal for the 2nd week & that will be to add in some strength training.  I haven't really done much of that to date & I really should.  I have some hand weights and one of those bands right now so I'll do some things with the arms for sure.  The legs are getting their work out for now:-)  Let's make that a 3 day a week plan also! 

4 Unleashed voices:

Fatoutofskinny said...

You seem to be doing great. Good luck with the running.

Sandra said...

I want to run, but don't like to run, it hurts.
But I'm learning anyway... :)
Hope you have a fantastic week!

Carbie Girl said...

Nice, nice!! Good job on getting the goals accomplished and planning out all the running <3 Hope week 2 is treating you well!

MB said...

I'm a big fan of slow and steady. After a year and a half I have only 1 day of the c25k 9 week program. Rock on!!

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