Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another 2fer

Reporting in for my 3rd 5k in 2012!  Woot... and January isn't even over yet:-) 

On January 28th I completed 5k for the virtual Freeze Your Thorns off 5k, the fun above pic there, and:

The Securian Winter Run is the kick off for the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  A couple weeks of outdoor winter festivities to celebrate what Minnesota is known oh so well for.... WINTER!

The run was done outside on the streets of down town St. Paul and since I was going to be doing the virtual one I figured why not register for a live one & do another 2 for 1:-)  It was in the 20's and sunny.  I'm finding that is the perfect weather for running, I even worked up a sweat!  I must confess that it was more of a winter walk for me!  Down town is much more hillier than I ever thought so I did a few little spurts of running but walked it for the most part.  Which means that I still finished about the same time as I did on the first one of the year, a little under an hour.  I'm hoping as I amp up the running I can run more and finish sooner in the future 5ks!

I am still camera shy so no pics of me to supply here but here are a couple to show I was there participating.  First we have Securion Man:

He started off each leg of the run.  There was a Marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10K & 5K.  Yeah, he's a brave soul to be wearing that outfit I say!  LOL... 

Here's my number and fun stuff I got for participating:

The neon green stamp there on my number is the proof that I completed... I guess... LOL!  They had to do that so I could go through the line to collect my so called SWAG.  We got a winter carnival button and a Securion Winter Run mug that says "Embrace the Brisk".  The carnival buttons are sort of your ticket in to the winter carnival festivities each year so that's fun.  I'm not really in it for the stuff but it's fun to get a little something I guess:-)
Earlier this week I walked home from work, which is walking out of down town so there were hills galore, and then I did this 5K with more hills so needless to say I have some muscle soreness today.  It's a good kind of sore at least, not anything painful.  It's the kind that tells you that you are doing something good so I will definitely take it!

I was wanting to get under 55 minutes this time but there was a big hill to walk up in the end that I needed time to recover from so no running into the finish for me but maybe next time!  The next 5k is Feb 11th so I'll continue my running program until then!

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