Friday, September 30, 2011

Bald Trees

Trees are going bald
As their leaves fall to the ground
Fall is in the air

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Benches and Snow and Tats Oh My!


It's time to link up again to the fun, weekly photoblog.... I Spy.  You can join in on the fun too, just click on the pic above.  The mission is to post 2 pics, one themed and one blogger's choice.  The theme for this week is bench.  So my picture is.... 

This is my bench on my deck that was caught in a hail storm:-)  The bench is a glider so I love to sit on it and look at the stars at night.  This picture was actually taken a while ago, I think last year probably.  I thought of it cause soon we will have snow here in good old Minnesota.... hail in the summer, snow in the winter... can't get away from frozen water!  LOL

My picture for blogger's choice is me modeling this lovely hat... for winter possibly:

I absolutely adore Marvin the Martian and this fun hat was found at Wal-Mart!  I'm thinking I should have bought it.... cause look... I'm Marvin the Martian!  LOL!!  Ok to show how much I love him I'll share one more picture this week.  I know I'm going all crazy right???  Here it is:

I got a tattoo of him, that's right:-)  The planets around him(feet up) represent places I've been & around my ankle is just a general string of planets and stars.  I sorta have a spacey theme going on for most of my tats:-) 

That does it for this week, tune in next week when the theme is.... well you'll just have to tune in to see (or click on that link above where they will give you the heads up if you want to play:-)

For the Love of X....

Jenny Matlock
A contender for a college degree that is:-)  I went back to college for a little while a few years ago.  I didn't get a degree but I did rack up some debt!  That's a whole other blog, someday.... if I'm bored.  The college I was in at the end was one where you create your own degree.  Now I had no clue what I wanted a degree in, I just thought I needed one to advance in my job.  I started out in management but then I did this create your own thing and I never did name it cause I just couldn't come up with the right explanation.  Well, as I was thinking about what my X word could be and I was looking through all the awesome X words out there... it's like porn for the word lover's brain let me tell ya... LOL!  Sorry, got wrapped up in the moment there.  So as I was looking I came across the work Xenophile and thought to myself that it was the perfect word, where had it been all my life??

A Xenophile is a person that is attracted to that which is foreign, especially people, cultures and manners.  That totally sums up what I was doing towards the end of my short college career.  If I finished I could have had a degree in Xenophilia!  It sounds kind of dirty doesn't it?  All those things ending in 'philia' always sound dirty... LOL! 

I do totally have a love for different cultures, I love to observe people's mannerisms, I love an accent (who doesn't) and I want to visit all places at least once.  Too bad I just don't have the drive to make something of it all.  Instead I just take the learning as I can get it but it all interests me.  Not enough to study it anymore I guess though.  School just got to be too irritating cause I felt like they moved too slow for me.... like it was grade school.  So I only learned a little there but I owe a whole lotta moola for that little bit of education!  The funny thing is that I can be a xenophile without a degree.  It's an interest that I have to have to qualify, I don't really need a degree that says so.  Sure I learn stuff to get that degree but I can learn stuff in life, for free... usually, and who's a better than life??  


Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Spy


I enjoy taking pictures however I'm not usually very good at it nor do I always capture the moments that I go after.  I think the fact that we have these fancy phones with cameras built in now a days is the greatest thing though cause since my phone is always with me so is a camera so that I can try to capture moments:-)  In effort to work on my picture taking abilities I thought I'd join in with I Spy Thursdays!  The assignment is to provide at least 2 pictures, one fitting a theme and then another which is the blogger's choice. 

This week's theme is 'lamp' so my picture for that is:

Me as a human lamp!  Hey, it can also double as a progress picture as I go about my weight loss journey!  Lord knows I hate being in pictures, mostly cause my eyes never stay open... they are way too sensitive to the flash or something.  I was trying to strike the Egyptian pose there but I didn't get it quite right.  I'm a little out there but I do have one of my favorite sweatshirts on, love me some dragonflies!! 

Ok, now for blogger's choice... I guess to stick with the theme above, well my theme anyways of having some progress pics:-)  I came across anther pic from July when I did a 5k with some friends.  This was 1 month into my new healthy ways and the clothing isn't probably the most flattering... but proof of why I don't belong in pictures....


There is a 45 pound difference in the 2 pics, I don't see it.... do you?  I mean, the outfit in the first is better I guess... this one just makes me want to yell "HEY KOOL-AID" and crash through a wall... LOL!!

Ok, this is my first submission for I Spy, everyone should check it out & join in on the fun (just click on the froggie in the beginning of this blog).  Next week's theme is benches and then blogger's choice of course.  I promise that future pics will not be progress pics (with the caveat that they say promises are made to be broken for a reason;-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Personal Voodoo Doll


My poor body can only take so much
my threads of being aren’t meant for double dutch.
I’m aging and fragile, tattered and worn
I know for a fact this wasn’t why I was born.

Your words are like pins shoved straight into me
you may forget them but from them I can’t flee.
I’m not meant to suffer for the choices you make
and when you say sorry it just sounds so fake.

I’m not here to be tortured for what others do
but I swallow my feelings and just end up blue.
I don’t have a connection to those which you fight
so the pain you inflict just keeps me up at night.

You may just see me as your personal doll
to practice your voodoo on one and all
but there’s a simple fact that always rings true,
us poor little voodoo dolls, we need some love too.

This write was inspired partially by the picture above, which was on a blog titled Instant Karma from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, if you don't already read her blog you should check it out!  I loved the pic so that combined with some stuff of my own I came up with this little poem:-) 

It's going to be included in

Jenny Matlock

for the W blog for Wonderfully, Wickedly Inspired!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Falling Leaves


Falling, falling gently down
Sorta like a drunken clown
In the Autumn the air is crisp
When they fall I hear them whisp
Falling, falling gently down
Sorta like a drunken clown

Now if you didn't already, go back and sing it to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:-)  This has been inspired by that song and the challenge at:

Jenny Matlock

Check it out!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

V is for Vindaloo

Jenny Matlock

I've decided to use today's blog as a learning experience.  You know when you have those thoughts where you wonder what something is or what it means and you make a mental note to yourself that you should look into that sometime?  It's not only me that has those moments and then never finds the time is it?  Well I have them all the time but rarely do I actually remember to follow through.  Well today I can do so with my blog for V cause today it's for Vindaloo:-)

I know that it's an Indian food and probably spicy but I've always wondered what was in it and if I may like it so I can give it a try.  I don't think I've even eaten Indian food.  So I go the the easiest place to check it out, Wikipedia!  I then also checked a few other places cause Wikipedia isn't always the most accurate source:-)

It is made in India but Vindaloo is actually a modified Portuguese dish called Carne de Vinha d' Alhos, which means meat of wine garlic.  Mumbai then altered the dish by using vinegar instead of wine and red kashmir chillies then the Goa region of India took the idea and they added curry, plenty of spices and they used palm vinegar. The name Vindaloo came from the Portuguese word for vinegar, Vin, and garlic, Alho... both ingredients that I adore!

The dish usually has chicken, lamb or pork with potatoes.  It is said that the potatoes were used to make it more hearty because lamb is expensive in India.  Sounds like what my mom used to do when she made stew, more potatoes than meat... LOL!  Good think I love potatoes.  I'm thinking this vindaloo stuff is sounding pretty tasty!  I need to find me a restaurant to give it a whirl now... or try a recipe and make it myself. 

Looks yummy right??  Click on the picture for a recipe... maybe someday I'll get the nerve to try to make it, I think I should have it in a restaurant first though so I know what it 'should' taste like!  LOL!!

So, have you had Vindaloo?  Did you like it?  What other Indian food do you enjoy?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

U is for Unotsonice!

Jenny Matlock
U is for U.S. Airways... an airline I don't recall ever hearing about until I booked a flight to Texas a couple months ago to visit my brother.  Things didn't go as planned for Texas so I ended up exchanging those tickets for a flight to Vegas instead, from which I just returned on Sept 7th.  The trip was great but the flight there not so good.  We left for Vegas on Sept 1 at 8:50 p.m. and had a layover in Phoenix.  We were supposed to get into Vegas at Midnight but ended up not arriving until 4 a.m. due to the fact that we were stuck sitting on the plane at the Phoenix airport for 2 hours and then had to get off to wait another hour before boarding a different plane and finally heading to our destination.  It sucked and didn't give us any sort of compensation for it, just a glass of water if you wanted it after and hour and a half of being stuck on their plane.  You'd think they'd fork up some pretzels, peanuts, or something!  Geez!!
The flight back was at the butt crack of dawn, 6 a.m., and it went smoother.  We were able to upgrade to first class on the flight from Vegas to Phoenix but if U.S. Airway was a nicer airline they would have given us that for free rather than make us pay for it since we had the craptasitic trip to Vegas!  We had to also pay for any checked luggage, although not on the 1 first class upgrade... when you got money to fly that way you get your luggage checked for free. 
Now I don't fly a lot and I know a lot has changed since gas prices have gone up & all but come on.... after having us sit there all that time and some people missing connecting flights couldn't they at least let us check luggage for free or something???  Cheap skates! 
I will avoid U.S. Airways in the future should I be traveling anywhere that requires me to fly.... unless I figure out how to fly on my own although it may be hard to carry my luggage on my back as I fly... even if I do pay myself that extra luggage check fee!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ode to Terry

Jenny Matlock

Knew of each other for twenty years
and been with each other for only two,
had separate lives that finally entwined
and showed me I was made to be with you.

I may have been clueless in the past
but my heart has helped my eyes to see
that no matter what the future brings
you were made to be with me.

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