Friday, November 4, 2011

Trees Glorious Trees


It's time for my favorite time of the week, time to stalk and spy on all the I Spy bloggers to see what pics they are sharing this week!  That's right people.... go through my blog and then click on the link above there and check out the others.  Then have some fun and submit one yourself, come on... you know you take all sorts of fun pictures:-)

Ok, this week the theme photo is trees.  Here is a nice shot for ya:

This was a beauty of a tree that I would have contemplated stealing if 

1.  I could lift it out of that truck all on my own without anyone telling on me.
2.  Had a vehicle I could have gotten it home in.
3.  Had the drive to actually try to plant it in my yard.
4.  Was the stealing type.

So the tree remained right where it was that day.  I was at Don Pablos for dinner and when I came out, no more tree.  I loved the color even.... guess it just wasn't meant to be for me and the tree:-)
Now that was just this past summer, here is a shot from last winter:

I'm not sure why but the trees just spoke to me and I had to snap this picture. It's a cold, foggy winter day here and I was in the parking lot of a local Cost Cutters where I was going to get a little hair trim.  Yeah, I go for the cheap cuts now and then... so what!  LOL!  I still love this picture and I'm still not sure why.

Ok, now I'm getting all tree crazy here maybe but here is another shot:

This is another shot I took this summer from my deck.  That tall tree in the distance there is a neighbor's weeping willow, they are 2 houses away from mine actually and in the process of cutting it down when I snapped the pic.  I bought my house from my mom and she always hated that tree.  It was slowly dying and was an eye sore really but I liked it cause it provided a little scenery and a home for a woodpecker that greeted me every morning with his wood pecking duties.  Now I don't hear him so much anymore.  It's sad really... once in a while I think I hear him but then I figure it's just my voices within messing with me.... they're crazy & mean like that:-( 

Ok, those are my tree submissions for this week:-)  Now for my blogger's choice pic....

Tee hee hee... it's another tree shot.... sorta.  Really it's a sunset shot but it looks cool cause of the trees... ok, and the color:-)  I absolutely love this shot.  This was taken last winter also, from my bathroom window one morning.  I live in a ghetto like area, us locals feel, and this just proves that beauty does exist in the ghetto:-)

Ok, folks that's the end of my fun picture blog so now it's time for you all to focus your peepers on some of my fellow blogger's blogs!  Click on that froggie pic up above and take a gander won't ya?  Then link up and share a few pics of your own... if you want:-)  Tune in next week to see what people come up with for the theme of maps!

2 Unleashed voices:

Mad Mind said...

I love winter tree shots. You can post as many as you like.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the winter shot. isn't it funny how sometimes the things that are most inspiring to snap a photo of is things through the bathroom window.

one thing about this meme. we can post as many photos as we like. cuz we're nice like that. :)

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