Friday, November 11, 2011

The Naked Truth

It was decided long ago
that pants are dumb so they had to go.
Then the shirt went with the flow
and so did the skivvies don't ya know.

It's so much easier to walk about
just letting everything hang out
and when the people stop and shout
it's out of jealousy there is no doubt.

Not everyone can look this good
nearly naked in the hood.
Why it's done, misunderstood
but just look within if you could.

Deep inside there's a tale to tell
some just help it to propel,
as if the world's their clientele
for their version of a living hell.

But here you see the naked truth
without the use of your local sleuth.
Honest and upfront as a bright eyed youth
divulging their sins at the confessional booth.

This write was inspired by the lovely pic that I saw on facebook a while back... LOL.  Also by the "pants are dumb" line that was provided by Miss April at 30 Before 30 when I complained that no 2 sizes are quite the same.  She put that in a comment and I just found it hilarious so now I think it every time I get frustrated over a pair!

4 Unleashed voices:

gracies tough journey said...

LOL, this gave me a giggle. Thanks Gracie

Munchberry said...

I recognize those boobs. Remarkably similar to mine about 6 months ago.

I too hate pants. Except the ones I remember from my 20's where my butt looked so damn good.

Ah well, those are the two poles. 6 month old boobs and 20 YO butt. Never the twain shall meet.

Julie said...

This is so cute, weird but cute.

Adura Ojo said...

Brave and beautiful. As a big lady myself, I applaud you.

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