Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally.... A Healthy Makeover....

I'm a homeowner who once loved her home.  Don't get me wrong, I still do but it may think I no longer do cause it's been overused and abused in the past 6 years or so.  You see, I've had some family living with me and they weren't too nice to it.  I even wrote a little poem about it, like to hear it, here it is Love Thy Home:-) 

Granted it’s an old house and all but it shouldn’t have had to go through what it has.  I mean, the house is nice enough to provide shelter and all so we should be nice to it right?  That’s my thought however the family living with me forgets that, or never agreed really, so they’ve treated it as…. well I’m not even sure what to compare it to really!  Basically my house was once clean and orderly, I had nice things, wasn’t ashamed to have people over.  Now however, I’m embarrassed to let the mailman see the inside through the front door.  Mainly because of the carpet!  It's horrendous!! 

The carpet tells the tales of what's been eaten, drank, walked in, & walked on, it’s been used for a toilet, paper towel, garbage can, gum holder and just about anything else you can probably imagine!  If it didn't happen on the living room/dining room carpet, it's pretty much guaranteed that it happened on the carpet in another part of the house. 

Today folks I will invite you in to see what this is that I speak of, only because I am finally able to work on changing it:-)

That first picture is what a person would see if/when they come in the front door.  Picture 2 & 3 are different angles.  Now I bought the house from my mom and she picked a crappy carpet for sure cause it can definitely not be cleaned but who the heck has this many stains in their carpet?  It was pristine about 8 years ago!  The 4th picture is the living room, who even knows what all these stains are exactly but like I said... you name it and it can probably be found in my carpet!  It was a dull and dreary day when I took the pictures so the first 3 are under natural light & the forth is with the living room light on. 

Now in that last picture you see a little snippet of what's left of a love seat.  Yeah, I inherited the living room furniture from my mom when I bought the house cause she wanted new stuff for her new place.  Granted I didn't really care for the couch and love seat but they were brand new and it meant I could wait to get a set I liked.  Well, after the years of having the family live with me they now look like so (along with more shots of the living room carpet):

The first is my love seat, it's falling apart as you can see.  That red thing there on the cushion is a tape measure... which we were using to measure for new carpet:-)  Then you have the couch.  Over to the left there is an old purse full of cook books that I've been going through for recipe ideas:-)  To the right is extra cushions that need to be there otherwise you feel like you are sitting on the floor, as you can see it's pretty sunken in.  The cushions don't fit right any longer, the springs are shot, there are big holes if you lift the cushions and I'm pretty sure that if my cat didn't keep the mice away they could have a feast on what they'd find inside either of them... heck, they may even explode from eating too much!  The carpet in the living room isn't quite as bad as the dining room but you can see all the stains there.  That table there in front of the couch, it had 2 pains of glass in the top of it but only 1 remains cause the other was broken when the kids forgot that tables are meant for glasses and not a$$es..... yeah... that was the 2nd time they broke one so I didn't replace it again cause I figured it was best to wait until they were gone since it's not cheap for custom made glass! 

Now I won't even discuss the room that they actually stayed in because they started a fire in there so there's some fire damage to the carpet and wall in there.  They also broke the inside pane of window to a double pained window.... how that was managed I do not know.  They didn't even tell me... I found that out the day they finally left when I went to make sure the window was locked!  The other room that I'm embarrassed about is the kitchen cause there was a pit bull puppy that was with them and she liked to chew on my kitchen chairs and cupboard corners, as teething puppies are apt to chew.  Now I am not happy about that in no way, shape or form but I am still in shock that they also chewed and scratched up the wall!  Check this out:

How crazy is that???  That 2nd pic there, on the corner there used to be one of those plastic corner thingies which is why it's all white now.  The dog chose to chew it off I guess.  I'm not quite sure why it wanted to chew up the wall but I sure hope whatever it was after tasted good!  In the first picture there you see a little snippet of one of my dogs peeking around the corner.  That's Mogli and in comparison to the other dogs that were in the house she is an angel!  Never once has she chewed up anything she shouldn't have.  Heck, I have a hard time getting her to chew things she should (unless it's food)!

Now, as if the dogs didn't do enough damage to that poor wall, there is also this lovely work that was accomplished by my nephews (I believe):

To hear the nephews tell it they aren't responsible for any of the above damage.  To any of it... not the carpets, the couches, the walls or anything else.... complete angels they are.  Well I like to tell them that the devil, he was once an angel too!  That first picture there is a lovely hole, at just the right height of my hot headed oldest nephew.  2nd picture is just a full wall shot to show the actual size or whatever.  The 3rd picture is what I believe to be a hole made by a flat head screwdriver and some nails.  That last pic is the same wall with the screwdriver hole but oh so dirty and there is that lovely big old crack going down it.  This is the same wall that the dogs scratched up so it's been through a lot of torture I guess.  I'm not sure what the need was to put the holes in the wall but my 2 youngest nephews to like to pound things into walls when they get their hands on tools... that and writing and drawing when the tools are pencils, pens, markers, crayons, lip stick, paint, spray paint... anything that can leave a mark! 

Now you may ask yourself why I didn't fix things as they happened or keep things clean on a daily basis.  To that I simply say that I did in the beginning and the upstairs, where I stayed, is clean and kept up for the most part.  The rooms they weren't allowed in (cause I occupied them) are fine but the bathroom and hall could use some work.  Also the doors aren't the greatest cause I had to keep them locked to keep my stuff safe and the oldest nephew, he liked to break in.  A door handle and frame can only endure so much!  That stuff is all minimal though compared to all the above I've shown.  Now, after a while it just got to be too much to keep up with.  I'd clean things and fix things and not long after they'd be dirty &/or broken again.  It became too depressing for me to be in the downstairs so I began avoiding it and leaving it to them (which was a mistake but ultimately the cheaper way to go).  I have a pretty good job but I can't afford to keep fixing things over and over again!  So I became sort of numb to it all I guess.  Not really numb cause I still gave them the what for when I found things but I didn't try to fix things anymore cause I just couldn't do it and I figured they'd have to be out soon!  Well.... needless to say they were here much, much longer than they should have been and things got bad as you see but that's only part of the damage that I have to fix. 

Why am I blogging about it?  To get it off my chest I guess.  To have my documented proof of how gross, nasty and embarrassing things are also cause now that the family is out I'm going to finally fix things up.  Now I was going to start small with the little patch up things and fix the kitchen cupboard hinges, door handles so on & so on but I just can't handle the carpet & couches any longer!  It's depressing to be in my own house.  I constantly feel like it's dirty and unsanitary no matter how much I try to clean it.  It probably is, that carpet is never coming any cleaner!  So I've decided to get new carpet!  The guy has come to measure and the carpet has now been ordered!  In a few weeks it'll be brand, spanking new and I can not wait!  Just in time for the Holidays:-)  Of course since I'm doing that & have to move everything out of the way I decided to move the couches right out of the house and to the nearest dump where they belong!  Ok, they are on the boulevard right now in hopes that my garbage will be someone else's treasure but to be honest, those couches just need to go to the dump.  You'll see in that first set of pictures, the 4th one, there is a TV.  Well they left that on pretty much 24/7 and the tube burned out so that will be going also!  I have a little money saved up for emergencies and I've decided to dip into that for the carpet.  I also have some saved in another account so with that and some financing I'm going to also get these little beauties:

Just the couch and love seat there in the first picture.  The 2nd is a close up of the love seat.  These are great!  Comfy and they recline, the love seat.... it also rocks!  They will go great with the new carpet too!  I should have taken a picture of what that will look like.  Well once it is in I definitely will so that I have the before and afters:-)

Lots of money slated to be spent this month for all of this but home is where the heart is right and you should feel comfy and happy in it right?  I also feel like I deserve this for all that I've gone through and the house deserves it for all that it has gone through for sure!  I figure hey, if the money is going to all of this then I can't buy as much food so maybe this is also a way to keep eating sensibly and healthy without any overeating?  Gotta look for the good in things right:-)  Not only is the new carpet going to make me and the house happy but we will be giving the dining room walls a much needed paint job before the new carpet is in and the kitchen wall will be fixed soon also.  The living room walls will be washed down, as will the kitchen and hallway walls.  Kids and their dirty hands... I bet I have the finger prints of every kid in the neighborhood on my walls!  Okay, not every one but close I'm sure.

So I'm making me happy, my house happy, and I'm sure those who have to see it happy cause everyone likes to see pleasant things right?  Who wants to walk in and be greeted by a carpet that looks like it could be a child's science fair project???  Not I, that's for dang sure! 

So this is my share for today, however embarrassing it is.  I guess my house and I are having some healthy makeovers:-)

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Munchberry said...

I just want to say I was catching flies in my gaping mouth while reading that.

Your nerves must be FRAYED. I think what you experienced over time - when you sort of gave up was despair. I have been there. If you thought about it any more - if you tried to battle it, you might have completely lost it or gotten unhealthy.

My GOSH the disrespect!

My BIL and his children lived with us for a half year. Let me tell you by the time they left my BIL was pretty much not speaking to me. He refused to parent his children and they were used to being able to act like animals. Then they were stuck at my mean house. Where I want people to sit in chairs and not jump on them or on the arms. I want food to be eaten at tables and food to be picked up if it falls to the floor. I do not want coloring done on my rug I hauled from Morocco. No drawing on the dining room table without a pad underneath. No lighting matches and igniting the dog's tail on fire. No hitting the dog because you are mad and have nobody to take it out on. No squeezing her between the wall and your feet...

Yeh, I TOTALLY get it and how long did they stay and how grateful are they? BLARG! My niece absconded with a cashmere sweater and a necklace - good riddance and happy wearing.

Enjoy your newly renovated home, new carpeting and the sound of sweet silence.

Princess Dieter said...

I went through something similar with a relative, and you just have to wonder .....

But here's to you getting home back to your comfy desires and tidied up needs.

I wouldn't let them stay in my house again. That's a total lack of respect and courtesy for a person's property and sacred place (I consider home my sacred place).

Some people have no clue about how to be guests.

Yeah, I'd say, "Um, here's a list of nice hotels in the area." ahem. ; )

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