Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seed for Thought


Words they travel but they aren't needed
because just with actions, thoughts can be seeded.
No need for hearing or speaking even
because sometimes in life, seeing is believing.

I planted a little story seed deep in my mind
and with my imagination it has become entwind.
It's growing daily and takes everything in
and I'm not sure where one ends and the other begins.

It's making me see that life is like a cartoon
while I watch and think, "What a maroon!"
People really should pay much more attention
 as I sit and observe from my altered dimension.


Jenny Matlock

10 Unleashed voices:

Sue said...

Your poem fits the photo especially well. Nice job!


Judie said...

I love your use of "altered dimension." I live there most of the time.

melody-mae said...

ooh, I really like this!

anitamombanita said...

Nicely done. I enjoyed this.

Karen S. said...

Oh yes I like it when life is more like a cartoon than say a bad soap opera! Nicely done, thanks!

Tgoette said...

Brilliant! Very cool take on the prompt!

Viki said...

What a wonderful poem. You are very talented. Good work.

Jaquandor said...

I can't even tell the unaltered dimensions anymore!

Jo said...

"altered dimension" .... i love it! I really enjoyed your take on the prompt.

Jenny said...

I loved your wording here...and, like everyone else adored your use of 'altered dimension'.

This has been one of my favorite challenges!

Thanks for playing along.

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