Thursday, October 20, 2011

Impromptu Playgrounds


It's time for I Spy again, WOOT!  Click on the link above and check out the other entries along with the challenge for next week!  It's fun, I promise... it'd be more fun if others would join in... hint, hint:-)

This weeks prompt is playground... I have 3 pictures for this one this week folks:

Ok, you have to look at the above from a flea's perspective cause the 3 bodies above were playgrounds for fleas this past week!  I hate fleas, who doesn't right?  The first picture is Tinker, ground zero.  She is a house cat but escapes out the back door every now and then and this last time she was out she picked up and brought home some homeless fleas that decided to hang out on her.  They then spread to Karma there, the 2nd picture.  She looks a little unhappy with that don't you think?  She was the one I actually saw them on since she is white.  That 3rd pic there is Mogli and she's my little photogenic one... LOL... she poses all on her own and didn't seem to be bothered by the fleas but had a bath and treatment just in case she was a playground in the making:-)

Very loose interpretation of playground I know but what can I say, I dare to be different... LOL!

Ok, for blogger's choice I bring to you:

This was a picture of the bonfire we had going last weekend.  It as a windy, chilly evening so this was taken in the midst of a brisk wind that was playing with the fire:-)  Not that I'm a pyro or anything but I do have a love of fire... it just looks great when watching it and it's not causing anyone or thing harm.  Well I guess it is harming things, it is burning them after all but in this case they were dead tree limbs and they were confined in that little spot so it was all good & we made s'mores so it was all good in several ways:-)

Tune in next week when the prompt will be "Just like Halloween".... or tune in to the others now and check out their pics for this week's prompt, why let the fun stop here:-)

2 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love your "playground photos". I truly want people to not feel like they always have to "go with the normal".

Right now I'm a smidge cold, so that bonfire actually looks inviting.

Thanks for linking up and helping to promote. I truly hope we can get more linksters. :)

Mad Mind said...

I think your take on playground is extremely creative. I would not have thought of that one. But you are correct. The fleas have been making a playground out of my poor Maddy all summer.

The bonfire looks awesome!

Thanks for linking up with us. I look forward to your interpretations next week.

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