Friday, October 7, 2011

Everywhere a Sign


It's time for the weekly photo blog again!  Woot!!  Click on the pic above to be taken there and check out the others that link up while you're there!
The topic this week was signs and blogger's choice.  So for signs I choose this lovely pic that I snapped one Saturday afternoon, a couple weeks ago:

Now I don't know about you but when I read this I automatically thought that meant that a lot of dudes that were in the restaurant we were having lunch at probably shouldn't have been parking there cause they definitely looked like tools... LOL.  Kidding, the dudes were fine but I did automatically think that they were saying no toolish like dudes allowed... douchbags ok but no tools... LOL.  Apparently we have a tool show though and that just lead to all sorts of thoughts... the world can be a tool show, why should there be a special showing?  Did they gather up some extra special ones or something??  Curious minds wanted to know but didn't want to skip my lunch at Cosseta's (a fabulous Italian eatery) to find out!

Ok, bloggers choice brings me to this lovely photo:

This I snapped from the kitchen.  I think the squirrels are plotting against me and this is a sign that I'm correct!  He was up there chattering up a storm with his hooligan, squirrel friends!  If only I could master the language so I could be better prepared!!

Ok, make sure to check out the others and tune in next week for the theme of "abandoned" and of course another blogger's choice moment:-)

4 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love you!!! Your brain works like mine. I totally went to the same place you did when I saw your photo!!!!

Thanks for linking up.

Becca said...

Aww look at that sweet little squirrel! I want to pet the ones we have in our trees but they just wont come to me! lol

Mad Mind said...

I love your sign! I'm afraid I didn't go to the same place you and Dazee did, I was thinking of another tool they might be showing.

I hear you about the squirrels. They have been acting crazy here.

I'm so happy you joined us this week.

Julie said...

I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. I'll have to check out the others too.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

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