Monday, October 3, 2011

Brand New Day

Dark clouds may follow you
and silver linings may be rare
but that’s when you take your queue
and remember life isn’t fair

Your days they may be dreary
and you nights they may be long
but it’s in you to be cheery
you just have to remain strong

Don’t you let the darkness conquer
that light that is deep within
it only wants to be the chauffeur
on your road trip to chagrin

Keep the positive at the forefront
so it can help push you through
allowing you to take your punt
at kicking the darkness out of view

This write was inspired by the picture that was posted by George Baker on Facebook who noted that it was taken by a friend of hers, named Rob.

3 Unleashed voices:

Christine said...

nice words of encouragement to persevere

Julie said...

Thank you!!! Very nice.
Hope you have a great day today. Blessings my friend!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

You know. I actually needed this today. Thank you.

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