Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Abandonment Issue


Hey ya'll, another week has gone by so once again it's time for I Spy!  I love this fun little blog group and you could all too, it could happen for you... you just need to click on the link above and check out the other blogger's photos to see what fun we have.  You'll want to join in too:-)  This week's challenge photo is "abandoned" and then the ever lasting "blogger's choice" photo.... here we go....

Ok, this may be cheating a little since I've included 2 pictures for my 'abandoned' photo but I had to show the before & after so that you get the full picture... hee hee hee... picture, get it?  Ok, not so funny so on with the story.  The first picture is a representation of me abandoning my brain.  Sometimes I just gotta let it go ya know??  This time however I let it go too long and it wandered in with a bad crowd.  Yeah, it happens but the 2nd picture is my brain on crack!  Of all things right??  Yeah, it took some time in rehab to get over that little journey on the wild side but I'll have you know that the brain in now back where it belongs & has been clean for over 30 days;-)

My next picture is one of a poor little fella I feel I may have abandoned....

I loved him while I had him.  I feel I should have kept him cause I miss him and look back to his photo often, we had some good times:-(  He even talked, what he said I no longer remember... maybe ours was a more visual relationship than mental... well it's a little mental I suppose (in that crazy sorta way:-) I do remember him fondly & am happy I snapped this photo.  I gave him to a friend as a little gag gift but I feel that he will end up as one of those gifts that gets put aside and forgotten... just hope he knows that he will never be forgotten... where ever he may be:-)

Ok folks, that ends my installment of this week's I Spy but the fun doesn't need to stop here if you click on that I Spy photo up at the top & check out the other entries... and then link one up yourself if you really wanna have some fun;-)  Speaking of fun... next week's prompt is 'playgrounds'... WOOT!

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Dazee Dreamer said...

omg, you freaking totally cracked me up with your brain pictures. your brain on crack. hahahahahaha.

Thanks so much for linking up. It is a fun meme. I wish we could get tons of people to link up.

hahaha, I'm still laughing. I LOVE YOUR THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

Mad Mind said...

I LOVE the abandoned photos. I'm just ROFL because I so that all the time. I just leave my brain somewhere then forget about it.

Thanks for joining us today. We so appreciate the support.

Rainbow said...

Om gosh This is funny, I am so glad your brain isn't on crack any longer.

I love the Gnome ;) I know he will never forget your love.

Thank you for stopping by.


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