Monday, September 19, 2011

Personal Voodoo Doll


My poor body can only take so much
my threads of being aren’t meant for double dutch.
I’m aging and fragile, tattered and worn
I know for a fact this wasn’t why I was born.

Your words are like pins shoved straight into me
you may forget them but from them I can’t flee.
I’m not meant to suffer for the choices you make
and when you say sorry it just sounds so fake.

I’m not here to be tortured for what others do
but I swallow my feelings and just end up blue.
I don’t have a connection to those which you fight
so the pain you inflict just keeps me up at night.

You may just see me as your personal doll
to practice your voodoo on one and all
but there’s a simple fact that always rings true,
us poor little voodoo dolls, we need some love too.

This write was inspired partially by the picture above, which was on a blog titled Instant Karma from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, if you don't already read her blog you should check it out!  I loved the pic so that combined with some stuff of my own I came up with this little poem:-) 

It's going to be included in

Jenny Matlock

for the W blog for Wonderfully, Wickedly Inspired!

19 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

I loved it. You are so good at this stuff!!!!!

upinthecosmos said...


"KT" said...

Lovely poem. :)

Riet said...

I loved this. GReat w word

Jo said...

wonderfully wicked inspired indeed!

Barbara F. said...

Wow, can I identify with this poem!! xo

taylorsoutback said...

Really liked this poem - some of those lines hit so close.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

They sure do need love!

Teresa said...

It is an inspiring picture. I love your creative poem.

Kiddothings said...

Very creative angle. Voodoo dolls do need lots of TLC too! :)

Karen S. said...

So funny and charming all in one poem!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

So very very cool...

love it!

EG Wow said...

Thanks! I needed a good laugh today. :)

lv2 said...

really good

Judie said...

I'm gonna give you a great big hug! But let's take those pins out first!!!

Jenny said...

This was wonderful! You captured the essence of chronic pain so well.

I hope you find some relief from yours.

It took me about four 'voo-doo' doctors, an accupuncturist, a french healer and the most astonishing naturopath before I became able to manage mine!

Thanks for sharing this.

It was incredibly well written.


myorii said...

Aww poor little voodoo doll.... I love this poem and how you expressed the sad feelings that voodoo dolls have. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Try changing "I know for a fact" line, the sceme isn't equal and it sounds off. Match the amount of syllables. try I know this is not why I was born

Anonymous said...

same with the "just keeps me up at night" drop "just" it doesn't fit, the sceme and syllables are off. A few minor tweaks but I really enjoy this poem!! Great point of view idea

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