Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the Love of X....

Jenny Matlock
A contender for a college degree that is:-)  I went back to college for a little while a few years ago.  I didn't get a degree but I did rack up some debt!  That's a whole other blog, someday.... if I'm bored.  The college I was in at the end was one where you create your own degree.  Now I had no clue what I wanted a degree in, I just thought I needed one to advance in my job.  I started out in management but then I did this create your own thing and I never did name it cause I just couldn't come up with the right explanation.  Well, as I was thinking about what my X word could be and I was looking through all the awesome X words out there... it's like porn for the word lover's brain let me tell ya... LOL!  Sorry, got wrapped up in the moment there.  So as I was looking I came across the work Xenophile and thought to myself that it was the perfect word, where had it been all my life??

A Xenophile is a person that is attracted to that which is foreign, especially people, cultures and manners.  That totally sums up what I was doing towards the end of my short college career.  If I finished I could have had a degree in Xenophilia!  It sounds kind of dirty doesn't it?  All those things ending in 'philia' always sound dirty... LOL! 

I do totally have a love for different cultures, I love to observe people's mannerisms, I love an accent (who doesn't) and I want to visit all places at least once.  Too bad I just don't have the drive to make something of it all.  Instead I just take the learning as I can get it but it all interests me.  Not enough to study it anymore I guess though.  School just got to be too irritating cause I felt like they moved too slow for me.... like it was grade school.  So I only learned a little there but I owe a whole lotta moola for that little bit of education!  The funny thing is that I can be a xenophile without a degree.  It's an interest that I have to have to qualify, I don't really need a degree that says so.  Sure I learn stuff to get that degree but I can learn stuff in life, for free... usually, and who's a better than life??  


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Jenna Brianne said...

You are very right..words ending in -philia are just down right X-rated sounding.

Cathy Kennedy said...

School is only good for so much. Life is the best classroom, in my opinion.

Thanks for your not so x-rated post on a not so dirty word even though it sounds dirty. =D

Today’s post…
X is for

Have a good Thursday!
Cathy Kennedy,
Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

Jo said...

Thanks for the XXX rated post,gave me a good laugh, I needed uplift.Great post for letter X.

Gattina said...

If this description of a Xenophile is true, then I am one too !

Sue said...

I think I'm a xenophile, too.

And I KNOW my mom is!


Judie said...

Rod's sister is a xenophile, but in a very obnoxious way. When she lived in Australia, she gave up her American citizenship so she could tell people she was Australian. She uses a lot of Australian phrases that really annoy family members!

Great "X" post!!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

College is a great time if you're 18 but later on, it's tough to work, study, take care of kids and attend school. Thanks for the post, I didn't know this word.

Munchberry said...

So. Where are you heading? Always know how to say please, thank you and where is the bathroom. Or be able to act them out.

My husband and I play "But it sounds dirty" on the road. He always goes to Seaman and fallacious first. Predictable. I always go to food oriented things like masticate and clabber. Predictable.

Uvula. Sounds dirty, looks dirty.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Totally sounds naughty. But what a great word.

I think all the slow part about college is just wrong.

EG Wow said...

Love the word Xenophile and for sure I am one. :)

Pondside said...

I think a lot of bloggers are xenophiles!

Jenny said...

My name is Jenny.

I am a xenophile.


This would be a mighty big support group for the world of bloggers at large, I suspect!

Thanks for the X-cellent X link!

This was really a fun read!


Eliza Wynn said...

Great post!

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