Thursday, September 29, 2011

Benches and Snow and Tats Oh My!


It's time to link up again to the fun, weekly photoblog.... I Spy.  You can join in on the fun too, just click on the pic above.  The mission is to post 2 pics, one themed and one blogger's choice.  The theme for this week is bench.  So my picture is.... 

This is my bench on my deck that was caught in a hail storm:-)  The bench is a glider so I love to sit on it and look at the stars at night.  This picture was actually taken a while ago, I think last year probably.  I thought of it cause soon we will have snow here in good old Minnesota.... hail in the summer, snow in the winter... can't get away from frozen water!  LOL

My picture for blogger's choice is me modeling this lovely hat... for winter possibly:

I absolutely adore Marvin the Martian and this fun hat was found at Wal-Mart!  I'm thinking I should have bought it.... cause look... I'm Marvin the Martian!  LOL!!  Ok to show how much I love him I'll share one more picture this week.  I know I'm going all crazy right???  Here it is:

I got a tattoo of him, that's right:-)  The planets around him(feet up) represent places I've been & around my ankle is just a general string of planets and stars.  I sorta have a spacey theme going on for most of my tats:-) 

That does it for this week, tune in next week when the theme is.... well you'll just have to tune in to see (or click on that link above where they will give you the heads up if you want to play:-)

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Mad Mind said...

The bench shot is great but I really LOVE the hat. And I am old enough to remember Marvin. I always laughed when he came on. That tat is awesome! Great set!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love, love, love all your shots. I so want to hang out with you at a store. It would be a riot.

Love the tat.

Rainbow said...

love your photos :) especially the hat I love marvin!!!
thank you for sharing and stopping by.


Felicia said...

Marvin the Martin rocks! And I love the tat!!

Munchberry said...

You have to go back and buy the hat. You have snow coming. You will NEED it. Plus So adorable.

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