Friday, August 26, 2011

What Time Is It??

Time for Morris Day and the mother effing Time!!!

I kept it clean, hee hee hee.  So, last Thursday I went to see Boyz II Men at the Mn Zoo and today I'm going to see Morris Day and the Time at the Mn State Fair!  Remember them??  It's free even, just the admission to the fair is all.  Last year Boyz II Men were there for free so maybe next year Morris & the boys will be at the fair?  Who knows?? All I know is it should be fun and I can have a little sneak peak of some fair food for dinner;-)  We are technically going to the fair for the fair seeking on Sunday so that means I'll just eat less then.  LOL, really I don't eat much when I go to the fair but for some reason I want to this year and I'm not sure why.  I probably won't, trying to watch my weight and all curbs that... dang it!

It'll be interesting to see what crowd gathers for the show, cause the fair is always good for people watching and those of you who remember Morris Day... well let's just say he's a little out there:-)  It'll be cool to see them in person though, I never have.  I have seen Prince but something tells me Morris and the boys will be a little livelier:-)  I'll have to report back and let ya know. 

Just in case my little visit to the fair today causes havoc on my weight loss I weighed in today so I can use today's for my reporting.... which wasn't so great either but a girl's gotta try:-)  After being sick for 3 weeks it's acceptable I guess.  

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faithfulgyrl said...

Have fun at the fair and the concert! I don't even let myself go to the fair because I know I will want to eat a lot of food. Not just one little thing. Funnel cakes, caramel apples, hotdogs, corndogs. All of that stuff that is so bad for you. LOL

Good luck! :)

Thrice Blessed said...

Have fun! Now that Slimmer this Summer is drawing to a close, I am inviting fellow challengers to join a new challenge. Come and check it out!

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