Friday, August 5, 2011

Weight Loss is Great.... Really!

Back in Nov of 2010 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  At the time I was just grateful they figured out what the heck was going on and could give me something to make it more user friendly.  So I started taking the prescription and next thing I know I'm feeling better!  The weird cold I had for almost a year went away, the sore swollen lymph nodes in my neck... gone, the dry skin back to normal, the hives disappeared, the sore throats stopped, the achy joints... well they still showed up but now because I actually strained or overworked them rather than my thyroid's lack of pumping out anything any longer.  Things were great. 

So in June I decide it was time to begin my healthy new way of eating so that I could drop my Siamese twin, we are connected by fat only:-)  Things have been going swimmingly, I've been losing some every week so far and so in that respect I can't complain.  I've even noticed that the bad swelling I was having in my feet and ankles had stopped but.... there always seems to be a but huh!  Yeah and this but has a lot of junk in the trunk!!

To date I've lost 29.6 pounds and obviously my body is thinking somethings up... maybe the Siamese twin is just fighting back??  Anyways it all began Monday with the bad swelling coming back, then Tuesday I noticed the hives and later in the afternoon the beginnings of a sore throat!  Wednesday the hives are worse, the sore throat's worse and I have achy hands.  Thursday, the left knee is so sore I walk like I'm 80 and Friday, it's a little better but then it's the right one's turn and my wrists.  I'm also too tired and agitated to focus on work and have to go home. 

Now I do some reading and find out that hey, weight loss can affect the amount of meds you need.  I email the Doc and yep they agree but mine is out Wednesdays & Fridays... and all next week.  Yeah, I can't handle this for a whole week. It's like I have no treatment at all again.  Geez!  Weight loss is supposed to be good for ya I think to myself.  It is, it's great but um... maybe the Doc coulda mentioned that hey if you decide to lose weight check back in cause your meds may need to be altered... you know, so I didn't have to go through all this again;-)

I was able to get an appointment with another Doc on Monday but not until 2:40, hopefully I make it through the work day.  I normally start breaking down around 1.  They'll have to take my blood, I swear they collect extra for vampires or something!!  I guess it's ok though since that's the only way they can see if I'm needing more meds or not.  Hopefully all goes well and they just give me some more meds and things start to return to normal quickly cause a girl has a Siamese twin battle and she needs to win!  Think if I try to explain that to the Doc, using that terminology, that they may consider having me admitted to the loony bin??  I've always wanted to meet the Looney Tunes gang so it could be fun!

Here's to hoping that I get back to normal, get back on track, and kick that Siamese twin's junk in the trunk butt!!

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Miss April said...

Eew bummer, I hope this gets figured out. Our bodies are crazy little beasts that need to be tamed. Best of luck.

Becca said...

I am sorry that you have to deal with this for a few days. Not fun! It sucks that you are excited to change yourself and then bam hit with a big surprise!

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I also suffer from hypothyroidism. If you're seeing a general doctor to have your bloodwork done ask them what the actual results are. When I was first diagnosed by my general doctor and given meds I wasn't feeling much better. I started seeing an endocrinologist and found out that the labs list normal range something like 0 - 4.9 but for me to feel normal my number needs to be around 1-2. I still suffered for monthes while on my first meds because my number was around 4.8 and that's is really not normal. I hope you get it all adjusted soon. It's a terrible feeling.

Eliza Wynn said...

You're lucky your doctor figured out what was going on. Some of them don't want to listen when they think your tests look "normal."

Getting the right dosage of the right thyroid meds can be tricky. Sorry about the setback, but as long as you're on the right meds, a dosage adjustment should fix you right up again.

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