Thursday, August 18, 2011


Jenny Matlock
R is for Retro, as is Boys II Men... remember them??  Well should my health hold up and I not have to go to bed after work I'll be heading out to their concert tonight:-)  I didn't even see them in concert back in their hay day so I'm excited to finally get a chance to see them now.  Why do people think hay day's were great days?  I know if I were hitting it big I certainly wouldn't want days of hay, wait... unless by hay they mean money or something cause you know, that kind of hay would definitely be ok:-).
Anyways, today's concert is brought to my by the fabulous Minnesota Zoo!  Another place I really haven't spent a whole lot of time at lately so it's too bad I have to spend today at work cause I could go early and check out the zoo while I'm there.  I love it when you can actually see the animals hanging out, doing their thing.  It's a good zoo but a little pricey so I normally go to the Como Zoo where I can get in for free, walk less, and usually see more cause I don't have to look as hard for it.  LOL, all about being lazy I guess.  Oh wait, that should be retro to.... out with being lazy and in with burning calories!!  I forget after being sick for so long that it was the last thing on my mind... any form of exercise that is!
Ok, so Boys II Men tonight to bring on the retro!

Then it's Mn State Fair time, as of the 25th, which always brings back the retro memories (of which I'd have some of Boys II Men from if I hadn't missed them there, for free, last year!).  Then it's Vegas baby in Sept & I've been there twice so it's always a little retro when I go back cause I can actually get around like it's home away from home:-)  Here's to hoping my health is retro too so I have fun at all!!

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Cathy Kennedy said...

R is for Retro...good post! I hope you’ll decide to check…
R is for Robin
Have a lovely weekend!

Your friend,
Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Sue said...

I'd forgotten about that group Boyz II Men. They were good!

Have fun at the concert.


lissa said...

Boyz II Men retro? I don't they are so far long ago that they're retro. although the 90's always sound so far away.

thanks for sharing.

jen said...

When I think retro I think Elvis or the Beach Boys. Boyz II Men? That makes me . . . old?
Stopping over from Alphabe-Thursday.

Dazee Dreamer said...

have fun you old retro junkie

The Cello Strings said...

concert is always fun to attend,

bless your day.

Judie said...

This is the sort of retro that I can really get in to!! Have fun!!!

Jenny said...

I like retro, too.

I bet you had a great time at that concert!

I can see you rocking in the aisles.

Thanks for a cute link this week.


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