Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nature of Love

Jenny Matlock

When my mood is in gloom
you are my sunshine
you simply make my heart bloom

It flourishes like a fine wine
and makes my soul soar
like it's drunk on a love brine

I bask in the glow and want more
though it may not show
I do love you to my core

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Gems said...

What a warming poem! Thank you for sharing on my blog....I appreciate you doing that in such a personal way. Maintenance is long and hard, but remission is a good word....all my love to you both.
Gems xxx said...

This is really sweet and nicely word. I especially like "drunk on a love brine." Very nice! said...

PS Sorry, I meant "worded."

beckyp said...

well wriiten Great poem

Daydreamertoo said...

I truly believe it means more to 'show' our love than to say the words as a habit.

cj Schlottman said...

This is simple and sweet and goes right to my heart. Thanks.


Jo said...

oh that was so heart warming ... wonderful poem!

Dazee Dreamer said...

darn you, you are so good at this. I loved it.

Judie said...

This is a wonderful piece! It is perfect for Jenny's SC this week. You are a gifted writer!!!

jfb57 said...

Whoever that is to will be really pleased with such a lovely piece!

Sue said...

Really nice. Charming, too.


Erika said...

Great take on the prompt with the poem!

Ames said...

Oh to be loved like that!! ~Ames

Anna said...

Nice poem, that incorporates the line "You are my sunshine". Very Creative.

Best wishes,
Sanna's Sunshine SC Wk 66

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P is for Presents - Sara Cat AT-rd-3-P

Nonna Beach said...

This is awesome writing..."drunk on a Love brine" oh, if we all could have that kind of deep,sweet kind of love that world would be so much it !

Wanderer said...

Sweet! Warm thoughts to go with your brine!

from my wicked ways to turning a phrase said...

awwwww! I know how deep our love is,still nice to hear. Ti amo bella

Jenny said...

This is beautiful. I loved this! Such a hopeful and uplifting poem!

Your last comment made me smile.

I love how you two 'flirt' on your blogs!

It's really sweet!

Thanks for linking.

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