Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being Sick is Sick!

Jenny Matlock
Today is brought to you by the letter S and today ladies and gentlemen, S is for Sick!
Now being sick sucks right?  I mean who likes to be sick?  Maybe those that are sick in the head, you know... not right mentally, but certainly nobody sane.  So I ask you dear readers why is it that the youth of today insist that sick is a good slang word for something that they think is cool? 
I was sick for 3 weeks, there was definitely nothing cool about that!  This is the first week I've felt healthy since and I'm still not fully here.  I'm searching for my energy if you happen to see it roaming around in a blog near you, point it in my direction please:-)  I can't really think of any moment within the 3 weeks where I thought that I was having a grand old time.  So I figured maybe I've just heard people use the slang version of sick inappropriately.  Maybe it's reserved more for those demented type things that they think are cool, therefore they'd be sick... fits a little better right?  So one wouldn't say that a picture of a butterfly was sick unless said butterfly was formed from mutilated body parts or something.  Ok, it's gross I know and therefore sick and so in turn would fit what I believe the true slang of sick should be rather than just a regular butterfly which would not be sick.... unless it were sick, how can you tell if one is healthy or not??  
Ok, see my mind isn't even fully here cause this blog is a rambling of sorts and maybe could be considered to be sick rambling... in all sense of the word:-)
I did look up the word in the urban dictionary and it said "crazy, cool, insane".  Ok, insane I guess I could get with cause if you are insane you are sick in the head and therefore a whole lot of weird stuff is cool to you but just plain cool things aren't really sick.... unless they are sick... you know, unhealthy like.  Man, here I go again.  Yeah, I think I'll end this S blog with that... or no maybe with this:
Being sick is sick
and no I don't mean cool.
It warps my brain
so I feel like a ghoul!
Well in that case it does make it cool?

12 Unleashed voices:

Miss April said...

I'm glad you're feeling better - 3 weeks is too dang long!

Judie said...

I had valley fever several years ago and it took me forever to get well! It is a horrible feeling to be sick for weeks on end!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so sorry thst you have been sick.

Esther Joy said...

Three days of sickness last week seemed more than I could handle... Three weeks would be awful. Hope you are much better now!

Annesphamily said...

SUPERB post! You really pulled this together wonderfully considering you sickly state! I know how crummy it is to be sick. I also know how young people use "sick" as a term of endearment! Ha Ha! Great post! Anne

Riet said...

Three weeks being sick, that is awefull. I hope you are getting better every day now and I will see if I can find that energy for you. Mine gets lost now and then too. Have a good day.

myorii said...

Oh, I hate being sick too! It must have been so miserable being sick for 3 weeks! Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery :)

Sue said...

Three weeks is a looooong time to be sick, and I hope you are feeling 100% soon!


from my wicked ways to turning a phrase said...

I gettold weekly(if not daily) that I am, or a piece of art I did am/is sick. I prefer to spell it sik when said in that context but I digress...glad youre better beautiful

Jenny said...

Gosh, that IS a long time to feel lousy.

I'm sorry that went on for so long!

I'm glad you're done being sick and can now be sik! His comment cracked me up!

Thanks for linking! Be well!


beckyp said...

sorry to hear you were sick for such a long time Hope you are feeling better Great post or should I say sick post?

lulumusing said...

It is sick for anyone to think sick is cool. I'm sure you didn't feel that way during your recent illness. Take care.

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