Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Minnesota, like a lot of the country, hasn't been having the best weather but this weekend was gorgeous... especially Sunday:-)  I blogged earlier on Sunday about what I had accomplished in the past month and listed out some things I was going to do to celebrate so I did them all and came back with pictures like I said I would.  I'm nothing if not a person of my word:-)  You can read that blog here if you'd like.

So here is my new pedicure... it's fun.  I think the girl was new this time thought cause it took her a long time and someone else actually painted on that cute little flower.  Purple is my oh so favorite color:-)

After that I ran a few errands and then made a visit to the party store to buy me some helium balloons.  It was hard not to suck on a little so I could sing like the Chipmunks but I made it through.  Now if you read the blog above then you read me turning kites into balloons.  You can read about my kite theory here if you'd like. Now I ran into a few problems so it didn't go quite as I wanted it to.  Guess I'll know for next time. My camera wouldn't work, I couldn't get the balloons in the car cause the hot car kept popping them, and it was a little windy but here are the pictures I could get. 

This is the bunch of balloons, after 2 popped from the hot car.  There were supposed to be 16 and that's what the mylar balloon says.... Sweet 16.

The photos above of course are what I could get of their traveling escapades.  The last one was a minute before they totally disappeared from sight.


This is the mylar balloon which just didn't rise as fast.  If you look closely it's there, the little blurry dot above the building.  This was at the same time of picture 2 up there of the rest of the balloons.  I did lose track of this one quicker, I'm not sure where it went after this picture was taken.

So after that fun I rushed home to clean up so we could head out to the outdoor Jason Mraz concert and let me tell you, he was fabulous!  Here are some pictures I could get from that.  Again, the camera wouldn't work so these are from the camera phone.

The dude is amazing.  It's not often you hear someone live that sounds like they do on their albums, which I think is the sign of someone with a gift cause that means they aren't all doctored up like some of the singers out there today.  The last picture is his bong player/back up singer and we sat next to him when we had dinner.  We didn't know at the time and it wasn't very long but it was him, that was sorta cool... LOL.

So that was the day and those are the pictures.  I hope you all enjoyed the show and had an awesome 4th of July!

2 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

I loved your pedicured toes. I'm a purple girl too. And I love your tats.

Candi said...

Thanks for commenting on my post so I could remember! :) And I love the pictures, thanks for sharing your journey!

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