Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Manicure

Jenny Matlock

Noticed that my hands look old
yeah I'm not getting any younger.
Hopefully I don't smell like mold
and for life I'll not lose my hunger.
Got a pretty manicure!

13 Unleashed voices:

Judie said...

If I though at manicure was the answer, I would get one every week! I do feel younger when I do get one, though!! Good entry!!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

haha. nice. smell like mold. NOT. I need a manicure too said...

Great build-up to a humorous final line. This makes me want to go out and get a manicure.

jfb57 said...

A manicure is one way to not feel old! I'm sure you don't smell of mould either! ;)

jeff campbell said...

A hunger for manicures...hmmm...whatever it takes ;-) Well done! Peace and blessings

cj Schlottman said...

Nothing makes a girl feel and look more beautiful that a little "me" time. Love the way you wrote it down.


Leo said...

I don't quite know if time with self helps in feeling younger :D It happens more effectively when I go out with friends :-) nice Centus.

My Centus ~ Break Free

Sue said...

I wish a manicure would do the trick for me. Hair transplant, maybe?

(Yes, mine is getting so think pretty soon you'll be able to see through it.)


Ames said...

I like pedi's and they definitely make me feel better.

Rek said...

Loved the twist in the end....the woes that begin at 35 and last till the end.

Anna said...

Great take on the prompt; similar to "light a light, instead of cursing the darkness."

When I have complained about my problems, helpful people have suggested that I get new clothes and get my hair trimmed. It does not stop the clock, but it is easier to meet and to be with other people if you are well-groomed.

Best wishes,

Books are heavy-Anna's SC wk 63

tina said...

smell like mold lol love it

My Centus

Jenny said...

Darn, I hate when I have a big bottle of that eau de molde cologne, too.

And, drats. My hands make me weep!

This was fabulous.

Love it!

I got a pedi today and it is purple and sparkly and I think it just might distract people from the mold AND the hands!

Clever link.

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