Friday, July 29, 2011


Vacation is grand
but it goes by way to fast
can I extend it

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's the Big O

Jenny Matlock

One of my favorite O words is oxymoron.  Why?  Well because it has 'moron' in it and I often equated it with the dude that did those OxyClean infomercials.  Billy Mays that's his name!  He died now though so I'm not sure it's appropriate to call him an oxymoron any longer, or has enough time passed?? 

I just have to generalize it and say that it's the word I use for those extra special idiots that lack oxygen to their brain so they are even more moronic than the normal idiots.... oxymorons:-)  There are a lot of them now a days and I feel like I'm related to several!

The normal meaning of the word of course is fun also, it's contradictory words that are put together to describe something.  Like one of the better known ones is "jumbo shrimp".  There are all kinds of them out there in our world, almost enough so that there is one for every person that fits my version of the term... LOL, I kid I kid:-) 

What's your favorite oxymoron, or one that comes to the top of your head if you don't have a favorite?  I'll leave you with 'thinking out loud'... that's one I try not to do too often cause it can get me in trouble:-)

Bet you thought this was gonna be a blog about something else huh??  Sorry, it's a peachy clean blog:-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Memory Buffet

There are perfect moments in time
those without reason and without rhyme
but boy aren't they ever oh so sublime
if you didn't enjoy them it would be a crime

In my head I paint a picture
an imaginary personal collage of sorts
there were times where they wouldn't fill a stricture
but now a days they could fill quarts and quarts

I take from each of them and tuck it away
so that when things are bad I can brighten my day
and they come in handy when I just want to play
it's like having my own memory buffet

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost & Found

Jenny Matlock

Somewhere I was lost
Before I die I want to
Find myself again

Or maybe I'll just come out of hiding

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Return

Ah, cooler weather
It's nice to see you've returned
Please don't leave again

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Necessary Neurosis

Jenny Matlock

Necessary neurosis
at least not halitosis
it may seem precocious
but it's my diagnosis.

I live it everyday
and I like it that way
keeps the doldrums away
and can be fun, hooray!

Not to be confused
with a sense of humor unused
or a brain that's bruised
one must usually be amused.

It's crazy but it's good
there's a brain under the hood
and it may be misunderstood
but at least it's not wood.

Say it with me now
it's nothing like mad cow
others may raise a brow
it's necessary neurosis, ciao!

Monday, July 18, 2011

This I Swear

It has been a crazy year of three.
When will they go away from me?
Neither a borrower nor a lender be
I in the future just you wait and see.

It’s time to take back all control
of my own house, now a hell hole.
Come out of living like a mole
and take back my life they stole.

Family not really close now broken,
I will no longer be their token.
Their thanks will never be spoken
even if I’m on my deathbed croaking.

I will happily move on when they clear
after I remove from my back their spear
and I will not shed a single tear
or ever let them come back to live here!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Manicure

Jenny Matlock

Noticed that my hands look old
yeah I'm not getting any younger.
Hopefully I don't smell like mold
and for life I'll not lose my hunger.
Got a pretty manicure!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything Becomes One

Split hairs on my head
represent my brain inside
shattered much like glass

A noodle like mass
that maps out my life battles
many that I've lost

Yet I forge ahead
to find that hidden treasure
Sanity's not lost

Just a vacation
in a remote spot within
one special crevice

Where laughter echoes
and the tears are those of joy
no tissues needed

A waterfall forms
and pools into an ocean
filled with memories

Dive in and look up
you'll see the shattered surface
the treasure is life

Everything becomes one

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Break from Sanity

Jenny Matlock
M is for Mental Health
I feel mine being depleted.
Insanity can be quite stealth
and the transition is almost completed.
Sanity slips away in tears and fears
sometimes even when you shower.
Insanity invades your ears and gears
taking root like a weed, not a pretty flower.
I need to get away from it all
a mental health vacation of sorts.
I know it won't be long before I fall
and then I'll visit those padded resorts.
The men will come to take me away
in their pretty, white safety van.
I only hope my insurance will pay
cause I'm staying as long as I can.
It'll be quite fun to bounce off the walls
while wrapped up in my white jacket.
Now if only the room was full of balls
so I can jump in them, no need for a racket.
My mental health is on a teeter totter
with the insanity outweighing the sane.
I have a man in a white coat for my spotter
and he's prepared for when it takes over my brain.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time is Short

There is little I ask, my wants are few
So don’t go holding your breath until you’re blue

No time for tantrums
Cause time is short
You must enjoy life
Before it leaves port

We work all day and our nights are for fun
Sometimes it’s just hard to get everything done

No time for tantrums
Cause time is short
Don’t give into strife
Just join in the sport

One can’t always live life to the letter
Mistakes will happen, lessons learned
Complaining doesn’t always make it better
Forging through makes future moments well earned

No time for tantrums
Cause time is short
Death cuts like a knife
It’s not a tropical resort

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chiming Dimes

Jenny Matlock

There once was a girl named Chime
her mom thought it was good at the time
she frolicked and played
and she sometimes displayed
her love for the silent clown mime

She painted her face up all white
and wore her black clothes so tight
that one time she bent
and with that she sent
a tear in her butt to take flight

The people all pointed and laughed
for she was not good at her craft
so she made up a sign
and the sign read by line
that she was a little bit daft

So the people felt bad and tossed dimes

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Much like a geyser
I eventually erupt
The stress takes it's toll

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Lessons

Jenny Matlock

Today L is for Life Lessons! We all encounter them everyday.  Some we are impervious to and really should take heed of while others are just simple daily messages that could better your life if learned.  Some we gladly accept and some not so willingly but why is it we can't just follow our intuition in the first place so some lessons don't even have to be taught?  I mean there are lessons that we could go without knowing, I'm pretty sure my life would be full and happy without having learned some that I have.  Sure they shape who I am but let's face it, there's a lot of padding that I could stand to lose and I'm pretty sure some of it has been packed on from some of those lessons.
This is not meant to be a pity blog by any means so I won't get into specifics in regards to any one life lesson.  I will just say that I've received a few F's in my time on these lessons and it's been more than once on the same lesson even.  I'm not too proud to admit it.  I'm especially not proud that when others have been in the midst of similar lessons I was, at one time, freely dishing advice for them like an amateur counselor or a tutor of sorts and thinking that the answer is so easy, wondering why they couldn't see it.  Over the years I have learned that you never really know what you would do during any lesson until you are being taught that lesson yourself.  I guess you could say that is one of the life lessons I actually learned!  
Now I try not to give too much advice and if I do I don't judge anyone for not taking it.  Besides, who says I'm any kind of teacher anyway?  Especially with as many F's under my belt as I have!  Most people just want someone to listen as they vent.  Maybe someone to agree with them a little and understand where they are coming from.  Someone that can let them vent and not try to be a tutor or counselor unless they are really fishing for some guidance or a little push.  I know it doesn't hurt to still offer a little of the 'here's what I'd try to do', as long as I follow up with saying that I'm not sure I could do it myself.  It's not wrong to admit that and it let's them see that they aren't as weak as they may be feeling cause others may not handle it very well either.
Life lessons, no matter how you stack them there is always that tough one that throws the neat pile off balance and brings everything tumbling down.  All we can really do is keep trying to restack them until we get it right.  The hard part is knowing just the right way to do that without having things come tumbling down again.  Often we know the way to solve the problems and complete the lesson but we just have a hard time getting there.  Sort of like those tough math problems where a calculator helps you solve them but you aren't able to show the work on how you came up with the solution.  I continue to struggle with getting my stack to balance.  I try hard not to be negative or complain about it but this current lesson has been a long and challenging one so I've faltered, more so lately.  All I know for sure is that this is a lesson that I will see through until the end and once it is complete it will be a lesson learned, one that I will not be experiencing again... and that I can definitely say for sure!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twirling Candles

Some want to watch the fire
But they don’t want to feel the wax
It’s like a burning desire
Or an electric tickle in their pants

My candle burns at both ends
And I twirl it too and fro
To feel the message the wax sends
While I enjoy the fire light show

Most of the time I’m in the safe zone
Where hardly a drop will reach
But then when I’m feeling all alone
I twirl and just hold in the screech

I love the fire, its passion and heat
And the wax shows me that I’m alive
They work together no need to compete
It’s that same balance for which I strive

To live well we must endure bad
Cause eventually they will meet
It’s the tough times I’m glad I had
For they taught me that life is a treat

Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Minnesota, like a lot of the country, hasn't been having the best weather but this weekend was gorgeous... especially Sunday:-)  I blogged earlier on Sunday about what I had accomplished in the past month and listed out some things I was going to do to celebrate so I did them all and came back with pictures like I said I would.  I'm nothing if not a person of my word:-)  You can read that blog here if you'd like.

So here is my new pedicure... it's fun.  I think the girl was new this time thought cause it took her a long time and someone else actually painted on that cute little flower.  Purple is my oh so favorite color:-)

After that I ran a few errands and then made a visit to the party store to buy me some helium balloons.  It was hard not to suck on a little so I could sing like the Chipmunks but I made it through.  Now if you read the blog above then you read me turning kites into balloons.  You can read about my kite theory here if you'd like. Now I ran into a few problems so it didn't go quite as I wanted it to.  Guess I'll know for next time. My camera wouldn't work, I couldn't get the balloons in the car cause the hot car kept popping them, and it was a little windy but here are the pictures I could get. 

This is the bunch of balloons, after 2 popped from the hot car.  There were supposed to be 16 and that's what the mylar balloon says.... Sweet 16.

The photos above of course are what I could get of their traveling escapades.  The last one was a minute before they totally disappeared from sight.


This is the mylar balloon which just didn't rise as fast.  If you look closely it's there, the little blurry dot above the building.  This was at the same time of picture 2 up there of the rest of the balloons.  I did lose track of this one quicker, I'm not sure where it went after this picture was taken.

So after that fun I rushed home to clean up so we could head out to the outdoor Jason Mraz concert and let me tell you, he was fabulous!  Here are some pictures I could get from that.  Again, the camera wouldn't work so these are from the camera phone.

The dude is amazing.  It's not often you hear someone live that sounds like they do on their albums, which I think is the sign of someone with a gift cause that means they aren't all doctored up like some of the singers out there today.  The last picture is his bong player/back up singer and we sat next to him when we had dinner.  We didn't know at the time and it wasn't very long but it was him, that was sorta cool... LOL.

So that was the day and those are the pictures.  I hope you all enjoyed the show and had an awesome 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life's Bonfire

Jenny Matlock

Oh say can you see
beyond your own nose
it's not as big as can be
but may be difficult I suppose

The world's a big place
and you're just a speck
you may have a pretty face
but what's inside you should check

Cause if it's not good
it festers within
you'll start rotting like old wood
it'll start showing through your skin

If inside is great
then outside you'll glow
and past your nose will await
a future that you'll bestow

There's a moral here
that we should all learn
if you try to exude cheer
then you won't be wood and burn

Friday, July 1, 2011


It is in my soul
A feeling of foreboding
I can't quite shake it
Not sure what it is
But it seems to know me well
It's dug itself in
Rooted like a weed
Not easy to get rid of
It's latched on tightly
Draining me of life
Or maybe just my spirit
It must be conquered
I will not give in
No matter how long it takes
I will always fight
It's a constant pull
I'm sure I will defeat it
But the roots are deep 

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