Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 1 Done!


Hey all, week 1 of the Slimmer this Summer challenge is done... WOOT!  Now it's time to evaluate how things went and I'll have to clear off somethings that didn't go so well.  Luckily the weight loss and eating, which is most important, went very well and that right there is what matters the most:-)  So, here is my loss for week 1

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Woo Hoo!!  Ok, so I was secretly hoping for more but I didn't do any exercising really so how I could expect anymore than that is beyond me... LOL.  The ankle swelling is still pretty bad and it was humid so I didn't get much walking in like I wanted.  I won't keep losing this much each week though so I really have to strive to get that exercise in there so that I do continue to lose!  So all in all, I am excited for my loss and hope that everyone else is doing great... I'll have to make some time to read how everyone did!  Now my evaluation process, that's your warning to bow out now cause it may get a little boring cause I'm just copying in what I said last week for my goal and then a little something about it.  Next time I'll do a better blog, I just ran out of time today.  Do check out my yummy food in goal 3 though, mmmmmm:-)

1) Begin the Advocare 24 day challenge on Monday. all This is a dietary supplement type program, with protein shakes and nutritional supplements. It's to be taken with a balanced diet for 24 days, as the name says:-) It's sort of a jump start to losing weight I guess. We'll see how it goes. You can click on the name if you want to check it out.

This went well.  The shakes and energy drink aren't too bad.  There is a fiber drink that you drink the first few days and that baby gets thick so you gotta be quick!  I have 3 more days of that starting Thursday. It's part of the cleansing phase, 3 days in the beginning and 3 in the end.  Then no more fiber drink, yippee! 

2) Stick with the Advocare challenge to the end. I tend to give up on things so I need to put this in here to remember not to do that! LOL.

So far so good on this one.  Haven't wanted to give up yet:-)

3) Eat healthier, of course! I'm cutting out the junk food, eating out, and trying to eat the small meals throughout the day to get that metabolism going normally again. I'm going to try to keep my daily calorie intake to 1400 or less. My little calculator app that I got for iPhone tells me that with where I'm at now & where I want to be by the end of this challenge, 1314 is the magic number:-) It's called igoalinformer if you want to check that out.

Check on eating healthier:-)  I even feel better!!  I purchased a food processor on Friday and used it today to cut up and process several veggies so I could prepare some stuff for week 2!  In fact I shared it on facebook even so I'll share it with you here!


Look at that.... yummy:-)  At the top there we have tomatoes then cucumbers and then the salad that I made with them.  Just simply mixing them with vinegar, water, spices and some pured onion (cause I don't like to bite into onion... LOL).  The 2nd row is tomatoes, onion and garlic and then the 2nd picture is after it was pured into a sauce.  Next is summer squash and then row 3 starts out with zucchini.  The next picture in row 2 is a dish I made with all those ingredients, along with some whole wheat pasta and 1/2 pound of ground turkey, along with some extra spices for flavor.  It may not look too good but it's tasty and will be lunch or dinner all week:-)  Last is just a few chicken breasts that have been spiced up so that they can marinate overnight to be grilled for dinner on Monday and a few more after.  Love my food processor!! 

4) Drink water! I'm cutting out everything else, besides the protein shake & stuff that is part of Advocare. I'm going to try to get in about 128 oz a day. I may have to work up to that but we'll see how it goes. I'm trying out a fun website through Meyou Health for this too, it's supposed to help encourage ya and it's called EveryDrink. That's a new find and I'm not sure how it will work, we'll see after the first week if I want to keep using it or not... LOL.

I got all the water in plus some.  I gave up the EveryDrink site cause it didn't work to well since I'd have to download it at work and that's a no no.  I just tracked it on my own through myfitnesspal.  Most days I drank about 140 oz so way more than I set my goal for.  Yay for me!!

5) I don't currently get any exercise really and I have some pretty back ankle swelling that is happening so my feet annoy me. I'm going to try to get some walking in though. I'm going to shoot for 30 minutes a day for now. I do have this fun little app for my iPhone where you walk steps while holding it against your hip and it tracks them for you as if you were climbing famous monuments. It's called Monumental so while I hate walking steps maybe I'll enjoy it a little more this way:-) I hope to get some steps in so that I cover the first 3 monuments (Museum of Art, Leaning Tower and Statue of Liberty).

Like I mentioned earlier, this exercise goal didn't go well.  I gave up the Monumental app cause it wasn't really what I was expecting and it was more of a hassle than it was worth... it's more of a fun game if you want to check it out.  I did walk Monday but only around my block a couple times.  It was humid and not so good.  I got the ankle swelling down over the weekend so I'm going to try to walk on break at work this week and see how that goes.  Maybe it will help so that my ankle won't swell up as much this week!!  This is going to be the hard part for me... EXERCISE!!

6) I'm bad with numbers and measurements and all but I'm going to shoot for a 20 pound loss during this challenge. I'm secretly hoping for more but 20 is a healthy doable number. It's a little over 2 lbs a week but I figure because I'm starting fresh, I may have a bigger loss this first week. I'll probably use Myfitnesspal for this cause they too have an iPhone app, a cool ticker and I can track calories and exercise:-)

I'm doing well to make this goal... 9 pounds in 1 week... WOOO HOOO!!

7) Since I'm bad with the measurements and all I can't really say what I want to lose with this challenge in numbers cause I really have no idea what is realistic. I think it should however be feasible to have my summer close fit a little less snug than they do now. I'll just toss out an overall loss of 5 inches in the waist... if it happens then woo hoo for my guessing! LOL! I guess the for sure goal is to measure myself each week to see how I'm shrinking. Arms, legs, waist, hips and neck (I was told the neck will shrink...LOL). For this I'll be using my nifty measuring tool I bought a month ago, it's awesome:-)

I did take all my measurements before week 1 started but I'm not going to remeasure quite yet.  I figure it's a little early so I'll remeasure at the end of week 4.

8) I recently joined up the the MEYOU Daily Health Challenge so I hope to continue with that & complete each daily task. It's a little fun twist on getting healthy so I encourage others to check it out. If you are a facebook member you can join the challenge, they utilize the same sign in.

I have been keeping up with this and it's pretty fun.  The people out there are encouraging and fun so it's been great.  They are just fun little daily tasks for your overall well being.  If you haven't checked it out then I suggest that you do:-)

9) I leave this open to add more goals that I can't think of right now without overwhelming myself... LOL. My major goal is to just lose, keep it off and hopefully stop my feet and ankles from swelling! Oh and to only step on my new scale once a week!

No new goals.  I've decided what apps and tools worked and which didn't so I will continue on but without the ones that didn't.  The overall goals remain the same cause I know I will do it!!  I hope everyone else is doing AWESOME!  I'll be stopping in to find out, see ya then;-)

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Kristy said...

Wow 9# is awesome! Great goals and it looks like the Advocare is working. The food all looks delish. Good luck this week and I look forward to following along with your progress.

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

Awesome loss and great on those goals.

1 Fit Mama - Karrah said...

Holy Cow!!! 9 lbs gone!! You rock!

Jenny said...

9 pounds! In one week! Holy moly girl! Congratulations!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

Way to go. that is incredible weight loss for a week!

faithfulgyrl said...

Your weight loss was GREAT!!! Keep up the good work :)

Michele said...

Fantastic weight loss on the first week of STS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo! Wahoo!! Here's to another great week. Stay strong, michele

Lisa said...

Your combination of methods is working. Good for you! Keep it up.

Julie said...

9 pounds is amazing. You are doing so well. I can't wait to read week 2. I get in 1,2, possible 3 lbs a week, I had a couple weeks in the beginning at like 6 lbs. You are amazing. Keep it up.
Take care and good night. Tis time.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Exercise is the hardest part for me too. If the ankle isn't cooperating, try working on the arms or try doing things that don't require a lot of use with the foot. Sit ups? Squats? Weights? Try to find something this week! Love the results and can't wait to see more!

Colie's Kitchen said...

WOW 9 is awesome! I hope my week 2 can even be half as successful as your week 1 and mine too!! Sending you good vibes as we close out on week #2 Nicole @

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